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Net 10 Phones Unlimited

With the economy being what it is many people are finding themselves in a bad credit cell phones situation, and often are looking for cheaper and more affordable alternative options to their current or future cell phone use. One of the best alternatives to going with a contractually-based cell phone service is to go with some kind of prepaid or pay-as-you-go service, and one of the best out there is net 10 phones. As a rule, the net 10 phone company generally always charges $.10 per minute regardless of the different services that they offer which are usually about $30, $60, or $100 in various packages found at retail locations and chains. However, the company also offers a net 10 phones and limited service where you get access to many of their other features.

Net 10 cell phones has a particular cell phone plan where if you pay $50 per month you can get access to a variety of modern cell phone features provided your particular cell phone model supports them, and not all of them do. The features that are supported by the network should you go this particular plan, are unlimited voice and talking minutes, unlimited text messages both sent and received, you'll Internet and Web access, and the 411 capabilities as well. It needs to be mentioned again, that not all the phone support these features so make sure you do plenty of research to see which model phones support the features that are important for you and that you know you will be purchasing.

There are a variety of ways to pay for your net 10 wireless phone service, the most common of which is to have an automatic refill done whereby the company automatically charges you via a debit or credit card every 30 days for your service. You can also opt to pay for your airtime costs via the phone itself, going to their website and paying for their, or via any off the authorized reseller or retailer locations found around the United States.

Telecom Auditing Services

Companies looking to cut back on their telecommunication bills should realize that a good telecom audit might help them more than they think. Telecom consultants or auditors offer several services that can help your company: optimization, compliance, bill contract review, and more.


Your company probably specializes in something; you may be the best in the world at making widgets or perhaps you provide world-class service. There are deals, nuances, and general knowledge that you know about your area of expertise that an outsider doesn’t (even though it may seem like second nature to you). Turns out that telecommunication auditors have this type of special knowledge in their area and they can use it to save you money.

One way that a telecom auditor might save you money is by seeing something that is redundant in your system. For example you are paying three different companies for Internet hosting when you could be paying one for the same service at half the price.

The best way to cut costs while working with a telecom expert is to clearly communicate to them what your company needs and what it has. Chances are the experts can figure out a less expensive way to meet all of your needs. Now, I know that there are some of you out there saying that you did your homework and you got the best deal possible. It may be the case that you got the best deal publicly available. What I mean by this is that sometimes telecom consultants work with telecom providers and are able to get better deals than those that are publicly listed. They can refer hundreds of clients so the telecom service provider is happy to give them a lower rate.

Telecom Compliance

This might not apply to all companies, but some companies have to worry about taxes and tariffs associated with their company’s organization. In addition the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has a huge set of rules and regulations that need to be followed. Telecom auditors are experts in this area, and if they aren’t, they know where to point you to find an expert.

Telecom Bill Audit

This is when the experts get down to what auditors do best and scrutinize the details. They will look at your telecom contracts and also look at your bills. If there is any discrepancy where your company has been taken advantage of they will be a lot more likely to find it than you are. Remember they have done this for hundreds of companies and know where the likely culprits are hiding. It turns out that companies are overcharged a lot more than one might think.

In addition to finding the errors for you, telecom auditing agencies can help you recover the money. They have been in these negotiations before and know how to handle them in the proper way. In addition they won’t be tricked by a telecom provider trying to throw you for a loop.

Telecom auditing is more than just looking to see if you are being charged the proper amount for your telephone system, though that is definitely part of it. A good telecom audit will look at all of your company’s data communication and help make sure that you are getting the best service at the lowest prices; it will ensure your company is complying as well.

Lion Pictures, Tiger Images, and Bear Photos – Using Art to Improve Your Articles

When you are writing an article, it is as important as possible to get your message across. Nothing can help your crisp, clean language as much as including images to further demonstrate your idea. If you are writing an article on African safaris, for example, you could include exciting lion pictures to give the reader a more clear grasp of your article. That's why newspapers, encyclopedias and webpages include pictures.

Writing something fun and entertaining? Why not include cartoon images? Besides demonstrating abstract concepts for the reader, cartoon images also can make your article light-hearted. This can also be effective if you are lampooning a particular topic or person, such a political candidate. In fact, political cartoons are one of the oldest forms of cartoons in print! These cartoons predate even colonial times.

What if you are writing a how-to article? Images corresponding to the steps will help make the process clear and easy to understand for the reader. You can describe how to take a radio apart or install RAM into an iMac through words alone, but nobody would be able to follow such instructions. For a reader to actually be able to participate in the process, they need images to show them what you are talking about.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is with good reason. Photos, cartoon images, or any other kind of multimedia can add depth and dimension to your article. They can help prove a point or guide the reader to a particular idea. They add visual eye candy and keep the reader from going crazy reading big blocks of text. Our eyes need a bit of a visual break every now and then. Can you imagine if there were no pictures in magazines, advertisements or children's books? Could you picture living a world where billboards were giant walls of text? Get images and entertain your reader.

Why are Refurbished iPhones Sold?

What are the reasons behind buying a refurbished iPhone? The main reasons are that they are rebuilt and upgraded with all the latest bells and whistles, and also most of the time the device was previously unused. The iPhone may have been returned for many reasons, but they are usually still under the original warranty. For example, an iPhone may never have been touched by a customer but rather it was a quality control model that was but through many tests at a factory. Then it would be sold as a refurbished iPod rather than a brand new one, even though it was never used outside of the factory.

It is possible that an AT&T refurbished iPone could have been used only as a floor model, and then sold at a great bargain as a refurbished iPhone. Sometimes the package was opened, making it impossible to be sold as new. So whoever has it at the time sent it back to the factory so it could be repackaged and then sold with a pretty discount. So no matter how the iPhone became refurbished in the first place, you can be sure that it is being sold with top of the line quality.

Good Poetry

What do you do when you get stressed?  Some people like to go workout or go for a long run.  Others will go for a drive or walk around outside.  Some people like to cook or watch t.v. when they are feeling stressed.  There are also the people that like to read or write.  When you are feeling down you could always try writing some poetry.  You will always be surprised at what comes out.  Some times you are in the mode for writing something funny to cheer yourself or others up.  Sometimes you might want to write emo poems that is dark and dreary.  No matter what comes out you will enjoy it and find a new pass time.  So next time you feel lonely start writing.

Mini Laptops Are Great First Computers For Kids

TV Is No Longer The Addiction
Creative Commons License photo credit: LAYeiser

Is your child starting to get more and more interested in computers and surfing the internet?  Do you find yourself having to battle with them for time on the family computer?  Are they pestering you for ‘their own computer’ (remember when the big deal was to have your own phone?!)

It’s understandable that parents may be reluctant to consider buying a child their own computer, especially a laptop.  While prices have come down in recent years, you can still be looking at $800… nothing to sneeze at.  However, mini laptops are a wonderful alternative that is available to you.

Mini laptops have been stripped of all unnecessary hardware and software, making them limited to pretty much just surfing the internet and doing a bit of writing.  But how much more does a kid really need?  If they tell you they NEED a DVD player or a super fast graphics card for their video games… just remind them that you were lucky to have your own phone when you were their age!

Magic Jack Voip Phone

magic-jack-voip-phone1Most voip phones use your high-speed internet connection to make calls. They attach to your modem or other internet device instead of using phone lines.   Magic Jack uses your high-speed internet connection and your computer to make phone calls.  The service is very cheap - almost free, but because you need to use your computer there may be problems.

One requirement isn't really a problem, but it may be for you.  Your computer has to be on for you to make and receive calls with the Magic Jack voip.   Some people do not like to leave their computer on all of the time.  A high quality internet service is also required such as DSL, broadband, wi-fi and other high-speed connections.  If the internet service goes out, so does your phone when using a voip phone.

When you are using your computer in addition to your internet connection for a phone service, there may be a oonflict between your computer and the software for the phone.  It is important to maintain your computer in good working condition and update your operating system and anti-virus programs on a regular basis.

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