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Old Friend Slippers For Men – Comfortable Slippers

One of the most comfortable style of slippers available are the Old Friend slippers. These sheepksin fleece-lined slippers are extremely comfortable and available in a range of styles that will provide something that will appeal to the tastes of just about every man.

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable slippers that will provide you with reliable and warm footwear for either indoor or outdoor use you will find them below.

Buy Old Friend Men's Slippers

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Loafer Moccasin

Romeo Sheepskin Slipper

Sheepskin Scuff

Sheepskin Lined Bootee

Sheepskin Lined Clog

Soft Sole Moccasin

Alpine Sheepskin-Lined Shoe

Step-In Open-Toe Slipper

Adjustable Strap Slipper

It should be possible to find all of the Old Friend slippers for men in a full range of sizes from size 7 up to 15 and some slippers will also be available in half sizes. make a selection from the range displayed above to find out if the style that you like is available in your size.

Fuzzy Footies – Comfortable Slippers

Fuzzy Footies are great gift idea or a great way to treat your feet to warmth and comfort and providing a splash of color to keep things looking a little flashy. These soft sock-style slippers have a black fabric bottom that provides you with a non-slip surface to walk on while also ensuring that the feet are given as much comfort as possible.

Take a look at the range of Fuzzy Footies for sale below and prepare your feet for some soft warmth this winter.

The Fuzzy Footies that are displayed below are an example of the colors that are available. Choose one that looks as though it will suit your style and take a look at the other options available when you are taken to the next page.

Buy Fuzzy Footies Slippers

Powder Blue White

Red and White Striped

Bright Orange

Maroon & Gold Striped


Blue / Teal / Light Blue

Green and Gold Stripes

Green & Light Green-Pink

They come in a one-size-fits-most size for people with feet sized between 5 - 10 .

They are also available in kids sizes.

Made from 90% polyester, 10% cotton

These are the sort of comfortable slippers that you will look forward to relaxing in at the end of a hard day. When you want to simply scuff around the house and put your feet up, a pair of Fuzzy Footies will provide you with the casual comfort that will feel very comfortable.

When you consider that these footies only cost around $10 a pair you can understand that they are designed to be worn for a season and then, if they last until the next season, that would be a bonus. There are many types of comfortable slippers around that provide you with a hint of luxury at the end of a hard day. It is worthwhile tracking down something soft and warm to stick your feet into.

Get Comfortable In Old Friend Slippers

The most plain looking slippers could be hiding the most comfort you could possibly imagine for your feet. This is the case with Old Friend slippers, a brand of slippers featuring lamb’s wool lining and the magic of memory foam to ensure the softest, warmest possible place for your feet to rest.

Old Friend slippers are not only worn by those looking for a little slice of luxury at the end of a hard day. Those who are suffering from arthritis and other painful ailments that make wearing other types of footwear uncomfortable have discovered the comfort of wearing Old Friend slippers. This alternative is a far more preferable solution than walking around in socks or restrictive footwear and those who have used them have highly recommended them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man, woman or child because there are pairs of Old Friend Slippers that are designed for everyone. Those who prefer open toed slippers, those who require slippers that cover the ankles and enclose the toes and those who like to wander around in scuffs. All of these preferences are catered to with most available in the plain camel color but some in a more diverse range of colors to liven them up.

There is no need to sit at home shivering, not able to get the toes warm enough. Old Friend slippers will provide you with a durable, long-lasting option for not only this winter but for many winters to come. Apart from the fact that these are very comfortable slippers, they also look good. In many cases they look so good they can be worn outside and appear to be a casual pair of street shoes.

Asics Running Shoes

A quality pair of running shoes is crucial to a successful running pastime. You don’t need a lot of equipment to take up running but running shoes are absolutely crucial. Personally, I only use one brand and that’s Asics running shoes. A pair of Asics Kayano runners, Asics DS Trainers and a pair of GEL 1150 running shoes equip me for all types of training.

You can buy a pair of Asics running shoes here, simply follow the link to take you to Amazon where they provide discounted Asics running shoes in all models for men and women. Buy Asics Running Shoes Here

Asics Running Shoes For Sale

You can buy Asics running shoes for sale from this page. Make a selection and it will take you thorugh to a list of Asics running shoes in your chosen category. The range of Asics running shoes is extensive and will cover every foot type no matter whether you over pronate, under-pronate or have a consistent foot strike.

The Asics running shoes are broken into different categories depending on the shoe type that has been designed. These categories have been created to give customers an idea of how the shoe is structured and the support that it might supply. These categories are available in both Mens and Womens shoes: Kinsei, Structured Cushioning, Cushioning, Maximum Support, Trail and Racing shoes.

Here is a brief breakdown of what you can expect from each of the categories and the models that comprise them.

Kinsei Asics Running Shoes

The shoes in the Kinsei category have been designed to provide a stable and cushioned shoe with great performance features in a shoe that will fit perfectly. The latest release Kinsei shoes are: GEL-Kinsei 3 and the GEL-Kinetic 3.

Buy an Asics running shoe from the Kinsei range.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe ASICS Men's Gel-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe
Sale Price: $89.95 - $259.99


ASICS rebels against conventional design with its new GEL-Kinsei® 6 shoe. The upgraded seamless upper construction supplies superior comfort with improved fit and durability. The premium combination of a Discreet Heel Unit and Propulsion Trusstic® Technology provides a seamless fusion with the runner’s foot...

ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe
Sale Price: $89.99 - $209.50


.productDescriptionWrapper table{width:auto;}.productDescriptionWrapper *{box-sizing:content-box;-moz-box-sizing:content-box;-webkit-box-sizing:content-box;} GEL-Kinsei 5 Years in the making, ASICS’ innovation lab is proud to present the new GEL-Kinsei 5...

ASICS Men's Gel Sendai 3 Running Shoe ASICS Men's Gel Sendai 3 Running Shoe
Sale Price: $79.68 - $169.99


The GEL-Sendai™ 3 offers a flare of style in its third rendition. New upper design provides a sleek appeal while proven technologies of the Heel Clutching System™, Propulsion Trusstic®, and Guidance Line® will make this technical ride a favorite for many neutral runners.

ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe, Flash Yellow/White/Blue, 12 M US ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe, Flash Yellow/White/Blue, 12 M US
List Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $134.96
You save: $65.04 (33%)


Built for the underpronator to neutral runner seeking enhanced cushioning. Breathable mesh and thin synthetic upper materials. FluidFit® upper technology combines multidirectional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements for a glove-like fit...

ASICS Mens GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe (8 D(M) US, Navy White Chinese Red) ASICS Mens GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe (8 D(M) US, Navy White Chinese Red)
Sale Price: $149.99


ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe

We did not find any matches for your request.

Browse a complete list of Asics running shoes

Structured Cushioning Asics Running Shoes

The shoes in this category have been designed for runners who pronate a little more than what might be considered normal. The latest release Structured Cushioning shoes are: GEL-Kayano 16, GEL-3020, GEL-DS Trainer 15, GT-2150, GEL-1150, GEL-Turbulent and GEL-Phoenix.

Buy an Asics running shoe from the Structured Cushioning range.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe
Sale Price: $79.95 - $222.37


The gel-kayano 23 shoe features our revolutionary flytefoam technology for the optimal balance of lightweight cushioning comfort for a luxurious ride. The fluid fit upper leverages seamless stretch mesh reinforcements to increase forefoot support, while adapting to the foot's natural motion to create a custom sock-like fit...

Click here to view the ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 16 Running Shoe

We did not find any matches for your request.

Click here to view the Womens Asics 3020

ASICS Men's Gel-DS Trainer 22 Running Shoe ASICS Men's Gel-DS Trainer 22 Running Shoe
Sale Price: $69.78 - $120.00


The gel-ds trainer 22 shoe features our revolutionary flytefoam technology for the optimal lightweight ride with better bounce-back, cushioning, and a greater energy return between strides. The dynamic DuoMax support system and propulsion Trusstic technology creates a stable and responsive ride.

Click here to view the ASICS Women's GEL-Ds Trainer 15 Running Shoe


Click here to view the ASICS Women's GT 2150 Running Shoe


Click here to view the ASICS Women's GEL-1150 Running Shoe


Click here to view the ASICS Women's GEL-Turbulent Running Shoe


Click here to view the ASICS Women's GEL-Phoenix 2 Running Shoe

Cushioning Asics Running Shoes

The shoes designated in the Cushioning category have been designed to provide support for runners who fall in the underpronator to mild overpronator range. The shoe provides added shock attenuation to assist the runner who does not naturally absorb shock through pronation. The latest release shoes in the Cushioning category are: GEL-Nimbus 12, GEL-Landreth 6, GEL-Kushion 2, GEL-Cumulus 12, GEL Tornado, GEL-Tornado SL, GEL-Speedstar 4, GEL-Pulse 2, GEL-Fluent 3, GEL-Frantic 5, GEL-Antares 2, GEL-SD Lyte, GEL-Equation 4, GEL-Impression 2, GEL-Kanbarra 5, GEL-Strike 2, GEL-Maverick 3.

Buy an Asics running shoe from the Cushioning range.


More shoes for sale from the Asics Cushioning range  (select a shoe to be taken to the relevant Amazon listing for more details)

Asics Cumulus Mens running shoes for sale

Asics Cumulus Womens running shoes for sale

Asics Cumulus Mens running shoes for sale

Asics Cumulus Womens running shoes for sale

ASICS Men's Tornado Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Tornado SL Running Shoe

ASICS Mens Speedstar 4 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Speedstar 4 Running Shoe

Asics Pulse running shoes for sale

Asics Fluent running shoes for sale

Asics Frantic running shoes for sale

Asics Antares running shoes for sale

Asics SD-Lyte running shoes for sale

Asics Equation running shoes for sale

Asics Impression running shoes for sale

Asics Kanbarra running shoes for sale

Asics Strike running shoes for sale

Asics Maverick running shoes for sale

Maximum Support Asics Running Shoes

The shoes in this category have been designed for those runners who are sever overpronators and provide support to help control the degree of pronation. The latest release shoes in this category are: GEL-Evolution 5, GEL-Foundation 9, GEL-Fortitude 4.

Buy an Asics running shoe from the Maximum Support range.


Trail Asics Running Shoes

This category of shoes has been designed to meet the needs of those runners who prefer to do their running off-road. They are heavy duty but lightweight running shoes with added support for the rough terrain. The latest shoes in this category are: GEL-Trail Sensor 4, GT-2150 Trail, GEL-Arctic 2 WR, GEL-Trabuco 13, GEL-Trail Attack 6, GEL-Aztec MT, GEL-Kahana 4, GEL-Enduro 6.

Buy an Asics running shoe from the Trail range.


Or view the entire range of Asics Trail running shoes.

Racing Asics Running Shoes

The Asics racing running shoes are the lightweight thoroughbreds of the range and provide the runner with some support in a shoe that will cope with distances from the 5k up to the marathon. The latest shoes in the Asics racing category are: Piranha SP 3, GEL-DS Racer 8, GEL-Tarther and GEL-Hyper Speed 4.

Buy an Asics running shoe from the Racing range.


The breakthrough component of the Asics running shoe range is the GEL cushioning that has been integrated into the sole of the shoe. This is the cushioning feature around which the success and popularity of the company’s shoes has been based. It provides a light means of providing protection for the foot through repeated strikes on the ground. The GEL is a silicone-based system that helps to dispel the force of impact and gives your foot the stabilized platform to be comfortable on longer runs.

Wedding Attire – Mother of the Bride Suits

With weddings and other important occasions happening throughout the year it is important to have the correct attire for each event. For a mother about to watch her eldest daughter walk down the aisle, mother of the bride suits are a must.

Some may say that buying a suit just for a wedding seems a little wasteful and argue, surely other mother of the bride outfits are available. There are indeed various kinds and styles of outfits and suits that any mother attending the wedding of a daughter is able to purchase and would we proud to wear. A Mother of the bride outfits guide is something that can assist in finding the best attire.

There are hundreds of very different types of clothing that may be worn at a wedding and every mother of the bride, weeks before the big day, searches for the best costume. Some mothers have a dress designed and made specifically for them. Others pull out old dresses from past weddings and have them dry cleaned; however, this option is usually a disappointment to the bride. And there are many mothers of brides who shell out lots of money for a special suit from an expensive, famous brand.

From the Nicchi collection comes the Occasion Wear Suit. This suit is ideal wedding wear. Priced quite expensively at more than $500.00, the suit consists of a two colored peplum style jacket and skirt. This suit’s price makes many cringe at the thought of handing over so much money, but after a little thought, most mothers realize that they are getting elegance and style made with quality material.

Another piece comes from designer Frank Usher. His Frank Usher Shimmer suit is a three piece suit that is perfect for many occasions. A long skirt is complimented by a matching jacket with a folding collar, making the entire design unique. Indeed wearing this particular suit will have other guests doing double takes and asking where your bought it. You can find the full collection of Frank Usher’s fashions in any mother of the bride outfits guide.

If you are visiting a leading store selling mother of the bride outfits, and you can’t decide which dress or suit is best for you, let the staff give their advice – you’ll be amazed at what they recommend.

There is no doubt that elegant mother of the bride suits and outfits that will make you look beautiful are readily available. You just have to give yourself some time (and money, of course) and look for one that fits your style and budget.

Help With Women’s Plus Size Belts

Women's plus size belts should not be anything you need to worry about, and instead you should be able to find what you're looking for easily, without any hassle from the manufacturers. With a stroke of luck you might be able to find a belt that fits your waist size easily. If you are unable to locate a belt in stores that fits the way you would like, you can always talk to the store about ordering a belt from the manufacturer. While ordering from the manufacturer is a great option to get the belt size you require, it can also be troublesome if they do not get the right measurements.

Manufacturers sometimes have a specific way that they measure Belts, and that can be from leather tip to leather tip. This type of measuring does not include the buckle, and this can create an issue if you give them a measurement of the wrong size. So when you are measuring a belt for the manufacturer, make sure that you are giving them measurements to their specifications so that you can get a belt that is the right size.

Finding a belt should not be a difficult task, but finding a belt that is the right length can be. Making sure that your belt is the right width as well can be an important part in deciding this style you want. Plus size belts for women sometimes do not always serve a function for holding your jeans up, and sometimes they are just part of the style they have put together, like with dresses.

Fighting about that fits well and that will be functional can be a difficult task at times, but do not worry because there are manufacturers out there willing to work with you and get you a belt of the correct size. As long as you make sure your measurements are correct and that you are measuring at least 1 to 2 sizes larger than your own waste, you will be sure to get a belt will work for you.

Sweatshirts For Men – The Latest Fashion Hype!

Have you noticed the latest craze in sweatshirts as of late? It seems that nowadays just about everybody is wearing sweatshirts. Especially hooded sweaters are quickly entering the mainstream. Hooded shirts can keep a person very warm indeed and many people like this. Once you've worn a hooded shirt, you'll fall in love with the soft, cozy warmth that you get from a hood. Many people refer to such a hooded sweatshirt as a hoodie. A friendly name for a friendly piece of clothing.

A sweatshirt is basically a sporty looking shirt that has long sleeves. They come in many different kinds of colors, shapes and sizes nowadays. The ones with hoods will often have cords on them so you can draw the cords and make the hood fit your head. This is very useful for when it is cold outside. Or when you have just had exercise and your head is still sweaty.

A hood can prevent you from catching a cold on the way back home. If you intend to wear sweatshirts during and aftering outdoor exercise, make sure you get a shirt that has high breathability. There has to be ventilation of air in order to prevent you from building up an excessive amount of perspiration. This can be very uncomfortable.

But there are also lighter sweatshirts that you can wear in the summer. The Soffe company produces such shirts that can be purchased for a measly twelve dollars or so. That's the great thing about sweatshirts... they became so popular so quickly... lots of competition led to quick decreases in prices. For a low price, you can have your pick... shirts with crew necks, shirts with hoods, shirts with zippers or shirts without zippers. Zipperless sweatshirts are basically just pullovers, ofcourse. You have to pull them over the head to put them on. Hence the name.

Some stores will try and sell you high quality sweatshirts for triple or quadruple the price that they are on the Internet. Never rush into buying an expensive shirt. You might find out later that it wasn't worth the price and you'll get buyer's remorse. First browse the web to see if you can find the same shirt for a third of the price. And also keep your eyes peeled for sales and discounts in stores near you. If you do, you'll be able to buy two or three hoodies for the price of one. Now that's how you buy good clothing and save money at the same time!

Want to buy a sweatshirt for yourself? Read this DC Young Men's Starline Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Review to learn more about what's out there. Have a look at this Discount Hooded Zip Up Sweatshirt For Men if you want to shopping cheap!

Preparing for a Cocktail Party

Going to cocktail party or prom night is a very interesting affair. Even if you are just a guest, early preparations are important to ensure that you have a good time during the party. You need to ensure that you have a proper and suitable dress for the occasion. Take some time of to research for a suitable cloth for the event. Choose clothes that fit your personality and you feel good when wearing it. Otherwise, you will feel odd and would not want to wear it later.

Personally, I love to pair a dress with bolero shrug as an additional outfit. Although the pairing is very simple but you can look elegant and beautiful if you know how to pair it properly and also with other additional garnishing.

One of my favorite is either a black silk dress or white silk dress. Generally, I will pair it with a short sleeves shrug. There are several reasons why I love shrug so much. Firstly, it protects your arm form being to expose if you are wearing a sleeves dress. Otherwise it looks pretty good as an additional piece of outfit. The shrug also serves as an extra cloth to keep you warm if you are in a cold environment.

This type of fashion clothing is elegant and stylish, thus very suitable for formal occasion. To further enhance your appearance, you can wear additional accessories such as scarf, belt, high heels and pearl necklace. Jewelry should be able to produce the similar effect. Rings, gold necklace, diamond earrings, crystal brooch are some of the most common jewelry wear by women to these occasions.

Lastly but not least, you can do something with your hair style too. Plan to drop by your hairstylist place on the day of the event to have your hair fix. Hope this advices help you in your preparation for a cocktail party.

Bikram Yoga Clothing: A Special Kind of Clothes for a Special Kind of Yoga

Bikram yoga, otherwise known as hot yoga, is a specialized type of yoga that gets its name from the environment that you do the yoga poses in.  The room is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is over 40%, which explains why it's call hot yoga.  Bikram Choudhury realized that there were many benefits to doing yoga in such a room.  He also realized that any proper yoga session needs to have a solid warm up, then do the hardcore stretches, then finish by allowing the body to wind down and relax.  He set up 26 different poses that follow that pattern, and each hot yoga session follows that pattern every single time.

There are many benefits to Bikram yoga.  Being in a sauna allows you to sweat out toxins, and so exercising in a sauna like room as you would in hot yoga, allows you to sweat out toxins that may be harming your body.  It is also good for your muscles because it allows them to stretch better because of the heat.  This helps to prevent injuries as well as increase flexibility.  You'll also be able to get more of a workout, which will help to burn calories and keep your body toned.

Naturally, since the atmosphere is going to be different from normal exercises and normal yoga routines, you're going to want to wear a special type of workout clothes.  Bikram yoga clothing is usually of the shorter variety.  You won't find pants or long sleeved shirts because those can feel suffocating in a hot and humid room.  Instead, short sleeve or sleeveless shirts as well as shorts or capris are pretty popular.  Clothing that is made out of fabric that breathes easier, such as 100% cotton, is also popular.

Bikram yoga is definitely a more hardcore type of yoga, so if you're going to consider doing it, just make sure that you have the right clothes.

Get Slim Fast With a Mens Girdle for a High School Reunion

Are you a man who is dreading your high school reunion because you've gained some weight? Obviously, you don't want to appear like the cliche of the high school jock who had peaked too early and got fat. On the other hand, other aspects of your life might have improved and you want to share your success story. Furthermore, it might be fun to meet up with old friends with whom you've lost touch. If this is your dilemma, then think no further about your weight issues because everything can be hidden with a girdle for men.

If you were an athlete in high school, then perhaps you are familiar with a sports girdle. These types of athletic support were worn by guys who needed extra stability in their core muscles and lower back. However, mens girdles have also gone mainstream as men have recognized their use as slimming underwear.

Of course, women have known the benefits of slimming underwear for centuries but with the emergence of metrosexuals (men who aren't affraid to declare themselves hooked on fashion), it has also been accepted in the mainstream because the average guy can see the difference support underwear can make and still be considered manly.

There is no doubt that these girdles for men are manufactured with the man in mind. They conform to a man's anatomy with an easy to access fly opening and they are also proportioned to fit a man's body as well. Men should have no fear that these are lady's undergarments redux.

So, if you're a guy who is contemplating on going to his high school reunion but wasn't sure, then you have no more excuses due to weight issues. You can look slim and dapper in a suit and no one would be the wiser that you are wearing a girdle for men underneath.

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