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When Is a Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo Recommended?

Since there is no such thing as a genuine tattoo, done with a needle and ink or pigment, that is temporary and not permanent, the question about a temporary eyebrow tattoo actually is referring to stick-on and press-on items that mimic a tattoo but in fact are not.

When To Use a Press On Or Sticker Style Tattoo

These press on tattoo eyebrows are a handy tool for those who are contemplating getting a procedure but would like to determine a shape that suits their facial structure. You can also use a henna solution or tinting to draw a shape on your brow much the same as you might use a pencil or a powder with a stencil kit. All these things are useful if you want to decide on the best brow tattooing technique that will give you the shape and style you hope to achieve.

Do Not Use a Sticker to decide Tattoo Color

It’s never recommended to use what some people sell as temporary eyebrow tattoo stickers as a means to determine if a tattoo eyebrow color is right for you, or if the permanent procedure will give you the right brow for you skin tone or hair color. A sticker will never allow to know how your skin will react to the pigments or inks of a real tattoo. And remember that the press on tattoos are a slid line of color whereas the best brow tattooing technicians will use a short feathering stroke and will also blend colors to achieve a very look than what you will se with a sticker. Some semi-permanent eyebrows that are sold on sheets of 8 to 10 pairs and may also mimic the look of hair and come in about half a dozen colors. These may be a good item for those who have suffered a disease that has hair loss as a side effect and need a quick fix because they have absolutely no brows at all. Although the stick on kind may last 48 hours or a little longer, they are not a tattoo.

What There Is and What There is NOT

It’s unfortunate that the word tattoo is used for items that have nothing to do with a tattoo because it makes some women believe there is in fact a needle or device or tattoo machine or a certain technique that can inject semi permanent or temporary ink into the skin but that it won’t last forever, and will eventually wear off completely. This is simply not true. A tattoo is a TATTOO and stays on your face. A sticker or a little color or tint or henna is another thing because it’s superficial and wears off…. Here’s the rule: If the skin is not broken and ink is not implanted it is not a tattoo.

Hair Flowers and Flower Clips for Your Wedding Day

There are a number of hair flowers that can be used for a bride on her wedding day. They range from simple yet elegant white flowers to more ornate designs. The cost varies depending on what exact flower or flowers you want. While white flowers are the most commonly used, there are also pink wedding flowers as well. Some people have a more modern style wedding and prefer to use other colors for their wedding besides white; in this case there are a number of flowers that while not specifically 'wedding flowers' are still well suited for the occasion.

A good place to look for flower clips is online; online retailers have a vast selection and good prices as well. You can often find items of this nature online that you would not be able to find at a regular store. No matter what exact design you are looking for, you are sure to find something that suits your tastes and your budget online.

Lucy's Blooms Hair Flowers makes custom flowers just for brides, as well as flowers that are to be worn every day.  The best part is that there isn't an insane markup on custom hair flowers!

If you are looking for a white rose hair clip, then one site that has a large selection is They have a number of affordable ones that cost in the range of $17 - $25 and then they have more ornate ones, such as the Luxury Antique White Rose Silk Bridal Hair Accessory Clip Pearls currently selling for $55.

There are also wedding hair clips using white flowers besides roses. The White Ivory Flower Hair Clip selling at for only $12 is simple yet elegant, as is the White Gardenia Flower Bridal Flower Hair Clip selling at for a mere $7. There are also more ornate designs such as the Large White Bridal Hair Clip Flower with Center Stone selling at for $50 and the Elegant Diamond White Jeweled Delphinium Flower Bridal Hair Clip that currently costs $44 at

Eyelash Extensions – The New Fashion Tool

Eyelash extensions are fast becoming one of the most essential parts of makeup as more and more celebrities are using these extensions to enhance the dreamy looks in their eyes. However, a certain degree of precaution is required when using them. Most important is the fact that these extensions should not be applied without professional help, and these are certainly not a do-it-yourself project. An eyelash extension procedure can go wrong, and although professionals may charge high fees, it is strictly advised to get the extension done by a professional.

The procedure is a long one, typically taking more than an hour. It involves the painstaking process in which extensions are individually attached to the lashes. The procedure involves the use of sharp tweezers. A strong adhesive is used and care must be taken that the eye remains closed throughout the procedure as the chemicals used may sometimes cause irritations and itching sensation in the eyes. Special lash adhesives are available in the market, which are formaldehyde-free. The lash extensions last anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks; with proper care, the longevity of the lashes increase.

Extensions are available in a wide variety in the market, and one has a lot of choice when it comes to color, shape and thickness. Generally extensions which are .10 mm thick are used. The various eyelash extension curls available are the J, the B and the C curl. The J curls are designed in such a manner as to look in perfectly natural shape.

On the other hand the C curl should be used when a more dramatic curl is required. The number of lashes used can be specified and the professional doing it will apply them according to your specifications. When a customer decides to buy extensions, they must ensure that the products are of the highest quality and are from good companies. Buying cheap ones may end up costing a customer more as they may get ripped off. Eyelash extensions can give a completely new look to your face and are sure to get you people's attention.

In any kind of makeup or look accessorizing, there is always a risk of overdoing things. Same applies for eye lash extensions. Artificial extensions used without a proper sense of visual appeal may actually mar the look of the eyes instead of accentuating them. Everything in adequate measures is the best way to go when you want to look best.

Body Treatments for Better Health- Fixing Damaged Hair


Most of us love to make a day trip to the spa for the unique and relaxing body treatments. Who would not love the feeling of vibrant and glowing health you get after a day at the spa? One of my favorite treats is available either as a spa treatment or at my hair dressers and is a fix for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Fixing damaged hair is a priority because it is one of the very first things most people fist notice about you.

Hot oil treatments have been around a long time, but they vary in quality and effectiveness. In truth, there is no way to actually fix hair once it is damaged. Hair does not heal itself like other parts of the body. However, most treatments are aimed at making hair more manageable until it grows out and the damaged portions can be cut off.

Hot oil treatments work by infusing oil into the hair shaft which makes it feel and appear less dry. Temporarily deeply conditioning the hair adds luster and strength and makes hair easier to work with. It also helps to relieve fly away or frizzy hair.

There are various products available both online and at your local beauty supply which are designed to deeply condition the hair. The best of hot oil treatment are usually essential oils which are available at the health foods store. Some of the best essential oils to use are olive oil, jojoba and jasmine. These are all oils with relatively small molecules chemically speaking, which allow the oil to be infused into the hair shaft.

To do a home hot oil treatment, wash your hair and blot dry removing as much excess water as possible. Warm the oil slightly and apply throughout your damp hair. Gently massage the oil into your hair and scalp. Put under a shower cap and use a blow dryer on low heat to keep the cap warm for 10 minutes. Remove the cap and rinse the oil out of your hair thoroughly. Style as usual.

Of all of the body treatments you would usually pay to have done, the application of hot oil treatments for fixing damaged hair is very easily accomplished at home. There is no reason to not look your best every day of the year and your hair says a lot about your general health to those around you.

Correct Use of Nail Art Decals

Everybody wants to look good at all occasions may be – at debuts, on birthdays, at promos, on dates or anywhere. Everyone just wants to look good; especially girls and ladies always tend to remain the centre of attraction by presenting gorgeous looks with the help of various cosmetics items. Proper and correct maintaining of nails is also very important of them.

In the art of maintaining nails, the nail art decals are the most important since these are presenting the direct looks of the person. The decals are the stickers which are used for cosmetics purpose for nails and have got a huge application in the industry. The use of nail art decals is very simple. There is no formal training that one needs to undergo for using it. The decals are basically a paper or rubber material sheet of different design and color. The sheet can be cut in different shapes, designs and sizes.

For using it on nails first clean the nails properly. Then dry the nail and cut with a good quality of nail cutter. Now give a little finishing of the nail so that the edges become regular and get proper curves. The decals can be cut in shape and size as per requirement. Cut the decals sheet as per nail size and required design. When the decal is ready, put a drop of water on the flat surface and put the decal on the water drop. The decal gets wet and gets a little curve shape. When the decal gets the curve shape, it indicates that it is ready for the application. The decal now can be put on the nail. Press the decal so that there is no air bubble remains underside of it. After few seconds the decal gets stick to the nail. These decals can be bought from various online stores also.

A Common Inquiry, Laser Hair Removal Cost

Having facial and body hair may both be sexy and attractive for some but some may consider it to be informal and untidy. However, for those having in mind a treatment that would get rid of excess or unwanted facial and body hair, a common inquiry would be about laser hair removal cost. One may not have direct and specific answers to such question right then and there. This would be so since computing for the exact prices for laser hair removal may be quite tricky since a lot of determinants can either increase or decrease the cost of such.

The first thing to take note on when considering the cost for such treatment would be the compatibility factors present in the individual planning to undergo the procedure. These compatibility factors would refer to the present health condition the patient is in since some diseases such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular disorders, if present, may not make this procedure advisable for him/her. Next would be, if the patient has light or dark skin and the hair color he/she has. Laser hair removal works more effectively on light skin and coarse dark hair as compared to red, blonde, and gray hair as well as on dark or tanned skin.

Another important determinant of the cost for such a procedure would be the area of choice, which the patient wants to be treated. Basically, the larger the area, the higher the cost for hair removal would be. Hair density would play a part in determining both the cost for hair removal as well as the number of sessions needed to achieve optimum results for the patient. For most patients, three separate sessions would be enough for hair removal that may last for several months. On the other hand, some may need more than three.

Most of these treatments are offered in a package as for the reason that more than one session would be necessary to achieve lasting results. However, this may also vary based on the geographical area and the physician.

If you are interested in other topics like laser face lift cost then go to for more information.

Buying Perfume For Women Or Eau de Parfum Spray

Looking and smelling good has always come with a price. However, because recent problems such as the economic crisis, not all who want to stay fashionable have the money at hand that being up to date with fashion requires. However, some essential tips and steps can be of great use to make fashion a little more within reach even if one is running on a low budget. Being confident about yourself should never always come with a shocking price tag. Some of the purposes of these tips are catered to helping you in choosing the excellent perfume for women.

The first thing you need to keep in mind would be the fact that scents are worth it because of the pleasure it gives and not because of the money it costs. This would be so because not everything that’s nice comes with a high price. So you need to be judicious in making your choices on Eau de parfum spray. Next, you need to take note of what it is you really want for yourself or the fragrances you think will best match you. Go over samples, which you can find in numerous sources such as fashion magazines that contain in them sample strips of scents. Take note of each individual fragrance and write down or describe the aroma that best appeals to you. You can now go to the perfume counter and ask for some assistance in the form of suggestions from attendants. This helps eliminate the choices you have to go through by allowing the attendant to give you some suggestions. Next, take note that you must not buy a certain fragrance just because it is popular recently. Never buy without knowledge of the product you’re looking at. However, if you’re pregnant as of the moment, specifically in the transitory phase, never do perfume purchases since under these conditions the body going about with intense hormonal changes, which in turn affects your olfactory perceptions.

Where To Get Spray Tanning

If you have heard of spray on tans and are interested in getting one then you will want to know where you will be able to get one at. Getting a tan means that you will be able to have a darker skin tone than your original skin color and you will be able to achieve the look that you want to have. There are a lot of different shades that you will be able to find available when you are getting a spray tan so you will be able to choose any skin color you like. Make sure that you find out where you can get spray tanning if this is something that you are interested in.

One place that you will be able to get a tan sprayed onto your body is at a tanning salon. You will be able to find a few different options such as airbrush tanning that can be sprayed any color you would like. You will be able to get an even tan that will make your body look great from head to toe with this type of tanning. You will also be able to find do it yourself tanning that you can purchase and spray the tan onto your body in the comfort of your own home.

There are a lot of ways that you can get spray tans so you will want to decide which way will work the best for you. Whether you want to go to a tanning salon and pay a professional to apply your tan for you or you want to do it yourself in your own home you will be able to have a tan that you can enjoy. Make sure that you choose the place that works the best for you so that you will be able to get the tan that you want.

Electrolysis as a Permanent Hair Removal Option

If you are looking at options for permanent hair removal, one of your best options available to you is electrolysis. Electrolysis is the only means identified by the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration as a method of permanent hair removal. The process of electrolysis involves inserting a probe into hair follicles at the surface layer of the skin.

Once you get started with electrolysis, it will take several trips before the hair is gone. Because the hair grows in several phases and every hair is not at the same place at the same time, it is more than a one trip process. The length of time for each visit can run as short as 15 minutes or as long as one hour.

One of the main benefits of going with electrolysis over laser hair removal is it might give you another option for permanent hair removal. Lasers are limited to certain types of skin types and hair in which they can be effective. Because the probe is going after each individual hair follicle and not after the skin color, it allows for more people to go through the hair removal process. When compared to any type of short term or long term hair removal effectiveness, electrolysis wins out every time.

On the flip side, there are a couple of things to be aware of if you are considering electrolysis as an option. If you have any hair follicles that are not straight as a result of temporary hair removal methods, it will make it harder for the probe to kill the follicle. Although it is the best method for hair removal, it also comes with a cost. Going to multiple sessions can add up to take a chunk of your wallet. The cost will vary based on the amount of hair to be removed, as well as the range of are that needs to be serviced.

If you can afford to go through the process and afford the time it takes to go to the appointments in order to ensure that you end up with permanent hair removal, then electrolysis could be an option for you.

Get in On the Spray Tanning Act

Tanning is a popular activity with women of all ages. Bronze skin is considered to be beautiful by many. Hundreds have been drawn to artificial tanning because they believed that it was safer than baking in the sun. However, recent studies have shown that using a tanning bed may result in melanoma, a serious skin cancer, and other skin problems such as burns. As a result, the popularity of getting a spray tan has increased in order to get an effective but safe tan.

A spray tan may also be known as an airbrush tan. Many tanning and beauty salons now offer this unique procedure to their customers. Spray tanning is a relatively simple procedure that may be performed by a salon technician. The client's eyes, nose, and mouth are covered to prevent inhalation and damage. The hair is put up and covered with a surgical-style cap to keep it away from the tanning solution. The technician then uses a spray nozzle to release a solution onto the customer. This solution is usually made up of bronzers, a base solution, and a skin soothing ingredient like Aloe Vera. A spray tanning machines is likely to use a compressor to provide adequate pressure for the tanning process. Other machines may not be operated by a technician but rather use a booth-style machine that is similar to a shower stall. Either way, this procedure usually takes less than a minute. Customers should stand with their limbs apart to ensure even coverage. Air drying after the procedure is quick, then the client can dress and continue about their day.

Airbrush tans are more temporary than other types, and are said to last for four to seven days. Pre-tanning preparation can help the tan to last longer and look better. Exfoliating helps the tan last. Users should not wear moisturizer, makeup or deodorant while getting their tan to prevent adverse reactions.

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