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The Geo Metro: Built to Last

The Geo Metro was first put out on the line in 1989.  It was manufactured by General Motors, who created the Geo line in order to compete with the newer, fuel efficient imports from other countries.  The Metro was manufactured from 1989 until 2001.  The last Geo model, the Geo Tracker was discontinued in 2004.  The remaining models of the Geo family that are still made today have been incorporated into General Motors line.

The Geo Metro started out in 1989 with fifty three miles per gallon in the city and fifty eight miles per gallon on the highway.  It began with a three cylinder engine that had either a five speed manual transmission or a three speed automatic transmission.  There were three different body styles available, but they were all nearly the same. A convertible was available until 1993, but was quickly phased out after that time.  It continued to have a three cylinder engine until 1998 when it was redone one last time to make it more modern.  The body was slightly changed and the engine was upgraded to a four cylinder.  Gas mileage remained the same. Maintaining a Geo Metro was easy.  It needed a standard oil change every three to five thousand miles like any vehicle does.  Geo Metro parts were relatively inexpensive making repairs easy.

This was the beginning of fuel efficient cars and debuted during the first oil crisis of the 1980’s when inexpensive gas was on the minds of everyone.  It later paved the way for many of the fuel efficient models that we see today such as the Chevy Cobalt.  This car was seen as the first American car built with fuel efficiency in mind.  These cars can still be found today and many of the parts are still available as well.  These models were built to last and are still widely seen on the road today.

Basic thing about Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper is really a popular trend when it comes to the inevitible world of small cars. The popularity of mini has been recognize all over the world. From Europe to America and even in Asia,  mini is so distinguishable.

Most people today seek for a small car which allows the owner to feel comfortable with its extra features. Lucky for them because the Mini Cooper is just the thing they've been looking for. The Mini Cooper is designed by two of the most renowned car designers, Alec Issigonis and John Cooper. The safety was implied by Issigonis through the emphais of active safety. The Mini was first released by the British Motor Corporation until the year 2000 where BMW or Bavarian Motor Works take over as the new brand name of mini which is popular to be called as the Mini BMW.

Moreover to the mini cooper, when it was being created by Issigonis and Cooper, they conceptualized it to be an economical and inexpensive car. Though, before Issigonis and Cooper teamed-up, Issigonis reacted on Cooper's look out for the mini as a performance car. Happily, they were combined by BMC and created the Mini Cooper..

So for those who wants to have a Mini Cooper, you can see many reviews all over the internet. There are also many online stores which sell Mini Cooper in different prices varying on the supplier. If you are into the second hand types, there are also used Mini Coopers and you can avail it in much lower price than the usual brand new ones. Though some of the second hand items look good from the picture, it is really nice if you contact the owner for you to know if the car has defect. This is the basic precaution you should do to avoid being victimize by fraud products.

Bentley Convertible

W.O. Bentley once had a dream. In his words, it was “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class.” And with his experience in building aircraft engines in World War I, he made this dream come true, by founding what is now known as Bentley Motors. True to his dream's words, each Bentley auto is handcrafted by craftsmen of the highest skill, using the finest natural materials available, making each of the Bentley cars special, like a pampered horse of the highest pedigree.

It is this special attention to care and detail that makes Bentley a pop culture icon, being featured in film, T.V., literature, and even comic books. Top movie and T.V. heroes, such as James Bond, and The Avengers, have all driven Bentley cars. And even the queen herself used a Bentley when she celebrated the Golden Jubilee. These days, many top Hollywood celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, favor Bentley autos.

One of the most popular Bentley models (if not THE most popular) is the Bentley Turbo R, with its high powered V8 turbocharged engine that utilizes fuel injection, adding more torque to the system. And it achieved a level of stability and smoothness by the use of tuned dampers, and a retuned suspension, making the car very stable and eliminating the rocking side-to-side motion when turning.

Among the Bentley convertible models is the Azure, a 2-door with an engine that pushes the car to a top speed of 160 miles per hour, and giving it a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds. A high performance version of the Azure, the Azure T, had an even more powerful engine, bringing it to a top speed of 179 miles per hour.

The Continental GT was the 2nd Bentley convertible released. It has a W12 engine, giving the car a top speed of 195.1 mph, and is able to push from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds flat. The Continental's GT Speed edition can reach around 202 mph, and is able to reach 60mph in 4.3 seconds. Despite its weight, the GT Speed edition is considered to be the fastest four-seater car in the world.

But perhaps the Bentley that is getting the attention of the automotive world these days is the Supersports variant of the Continental. It is the fastest, most powerful, and best handling Bentley convertible ever built. Its extremely powerful engine can push the Supersports to a top speed of 202 mph, and can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 3.9 seconds.

As expected, Bentley's quality has a high price, making it somewhat exclusive to the rich and wealthy. Despite this, however, Bentley sales have continued to increase steadily, reporting a record 10,000 cars sold in 2007.

Repossessed Cars: 5 Ways to Spot a Lemon

Many repossessed cars are in good condition and you can get them for really low prices at large auto auctions. They are a great way to spend a lot less money for a nicer car with more upgrades. Since these cars have had previous owners, there will be some wear and tear and cosmetic fixes. The key to finding a great deal is avoiding those cars that also have major problems in addition to the minor ones. Many auto auctions won’t let you test-drive the cars, but you usually will have time to inspect them and at least turn the engine on. 

Look for the following five things when inspecting a repossessed car: 

Unusual engine sounds. Turn on the car and listen to the engine run. Rev it a few times. If there are knocks, pops or other strange sounds, they could be a sign that some engine work needs to be done. It may need to be completely rebuilt, which is a pricey fix when you are trying to find a good deal. 

Transmission problems. Move through all the gears and make sure it changes smoothly without jolting or making weird sounds. If it catches, sticks, or skips a gear, the transmission will need to be looked at. It’s best to avoid cars with transmission problems unless you want to fix it yourself or don’t mind paying to have a mechanic do it. 

Squealing brakes. If the brakes make high-pitch, squealing sounds, the brake pads probably need to be replaced and other work may be needed. While not a particularly costly fix, you don’t want to drive a car with brake problems.  

Oil and Other Fluid Leaks. A minor oil leak is probably easily fixed, especially if it seems to be fairly recent. If the leak is so bad the engine isn’t getting enough oil, the engine will eventually quit working completely, not something you want to happen when you are driving. Other leaks can cause different car component failure, i.e. not enough transmission fluid causes the transmission not to work properly and leaking power steering fluid can cause the power steering to go out. Leaks can be a sign that regular car maintenance wasn’t done and the car may already have been damaged.

Unpleasant Odors. Strong smells are hard to remove from car upholstery. If it smells like mildew, the car may have been flooded. It is better to look for a car that doesn’t smell bad.

Polaris RZR Windshield

Because of the tough conditions your Polaris all-terrain vehicles will endure, it is important to make sure that you invest time in proper care and maintenance of it. For your protection, a quality RZR windshield must be installed, and if yours is cracked or chipped, no delay should be made to replace it. At Polaris RZR Headquarters, we have everything you need in spares, accessories, and upgrade kits, all under one roof. Order whatever you need for regular service and repairs that will keep your ATV vehicle not only in peak condition, but also protect your investment as well. If you were seeking a Polaris RZR windshield, have a look through the body parts to see what we have on offer, or use the easy search feature to save time.

We have the top Polaris RZR windshield products, including the new polycarbonate scratch-resistant windshield that is shatterproof as well. The rubber coating and inserts will not damage your body work and they will suit all models of Polaris ATV from 2007 onwards. Polaris RZR Headquarters is pleased to offer you whatever you need for your ATV vehicle, which you can purchase from the comfort of your own home, and afterwards, have shipped directly to you. Driving in extreme conditions off-road, for racing, or dune riding with worn tires, inferior brake pads, or a cracked RZR windshield is unsafe, and is especially dangerous with an ATV. When you need to replace your ATV RZR windshield, choose OEM parts from us for peace of mind that your vehicle is in top condition.

Whatever it is that you need for the Polaris ATV vehicles, you will also find our spares and accessories range is superbly priced, and you can enjoy top level customer services by calling our toll-free number whenever you wish. Fitting quality Polaris ATV accessories is paramount to safety, and we stock everything for this vehicle and also for the new Razor 800 model which was recently launched in 2008. Replace your damaged or scratched RZR windshield with a state-of-the-art scratch-resistant one, which is also extra thick to protect you against flying stones, sand and other debris. Also check out the state-of-the-art roll cages we have, plus the other safety features with which you can accessorize your Polaris RZR while you are here.

You can fit the best in high performance spares for dusty driving conditions, dune riding and racing applications at Polaris RZR Headquarters. Polaris ATV enthusiasts will find that we are the leader when it comes to parts at great prices with availability to cover almost every requirement. If you do a lot of off-road racing, it is important to do regular safety checks on your vehicle, and replace damaged equipment like your RZR windshield and engine parts to keep it running smoothly and in peak condition. If you are driving one of the makes or models of Polaris, we are a one-stop online store that makes sure you can source whatever you require and you will be delighted that we have quality OEM original parts, which is, no doubt, what you will prefer when fitting any replacements.

Various Types of Automotive Paint Jobs

Spray painting is a popular painting technique that is now widely used when doing automotive painting jobs. It commonly uses a paint gun, which function to deliver sprays of paint unto the surface that is needed to be painted. With the constantly evolving painting technology, the standard spray guns are now slowly being replaced by air brushes.

The spray guns and brushes used during the painting session is determined by size and spray pattern. If you want to commence a detailed painting job, airbrushes is the most viable choice. They are perfect when painting car designs, or vehicle art. On the other hand, spray guns are ideal when covering larger surfaces. In addition, they are the choice if you want to introduce an even coating of paint.

To help you become familiar with the different types of automotive painting systems available, read through the article.

Air gun spray painting: This technique uses air-pressured spray gun to release fine and controlled sprays of paint. Air gun sprays are composed of a nozzle, air compressor and a paint basin. Once the trigger has been pressed, the spray will automatically introduce mist of sprays into the air with the aid of the compressed air.

Electrostatic spray painting: Also referred as powder coating, this painting technique utilizes electronically charged atomized particles that repel each other thus spreading the paint evenly as it exit the nozzle. The surface to be painted must be oppositely charged in order for the paint to stick.

Airless spray guns: This paint system is typically connected to a high-pressure pump that uses three hundred to seven thousand five hundred pounds of pressure in order to atomize the coating, with the use of varying tip sizes to achieve the desired atomization level.

In general, all of these painting techniques offer a unique way of introducing paint to a vehicle's surface. No matter whether you use plain guns or airless paint sprayers, be sure to know more about the available painting options applicable for the type of car painting that you want to achieve.

Cheap Cars for Sale by Private Owner: Buyer’s Tips

When considering cheap cars for sale by private owner, there are some things to keep in mind. Private owners can offer good deals, but it is important to check that the car is in the condition the owner claims. You should also know the car’s driving history, and have it checked by a mechanic.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best possible deal:

Take a look at all the car sales ads in your local newspaper and see if you can compare prices. If you have a look into what other private sellers are asking for similar vehicles, you can get an idea about the current market. This can help you to determine if the asking price is fair, or if you should try to negotiate.

Many companies offer reports on the history of used vehicles. These can help you to find out if the car you are about to buy has been stolen or if it has been in an accident. There are repossessed and stolen cars on the used car market, and getting a history report is the best way to avoid buying one.

Remember to have a used vehicle checked by a good mechanic. When investing in a used car, a second opinion is helpful, but it is important to know what condition the car is in. If you buy a cheap car that then breaks down as soon as you drive it, repairs can make it a lot more expensive. A mechanic can check if a used car is in the condition the previous owner says, and if it needs any expensive repairs.

Finally, the most important thing to do when looking at cheap cars for sale by private owner is to take the vehicle on a test drive and make sure that everything works well.

How to Sell Your Car Online Or Not

Is it time to let go of that old car to get money for a newer car? Perhaps you are wondering how to sell your car. Online there are auctions, posts, social networks, and other places to post vehicles online for sale. You can also post in Web-based classified or newspapers.

Word of mouth is another way to sell your car, or you can put a for sale sign and park your car somewhere that it can be seen. Lots of people park their vehicle somewhere in their yard, and post clear for sale signs.

Telling others that your vehicle is for sale is a good idea, because people talk. They will tell others, or if someone mentions they need a new ride, that person just might send them to you.

Ultimately, you can post your car on Craigslist where thousands of listings are posted each day. Some people find that it is possible to sell items quickly through Craigslist. If you are not sure how much you want for your car, then you can post your listing in online auctions.

Just go on the Internet and type in how to sell your car and you will be directed to thousands of web links. Choose the best web link that strikes your interest. Type in car auctions if you intend to sell in that area and you will directed to the right area. You can give an estimated value, and people will start bidding on your automobile.

Careful, when posting at auctions because fees may apply, if you do not sell your automobile, you may find yourself paying money out of your pocket to cover fees. For more information on selling your car on the net be sure to go online today and learn how to post at social networks, blogs, or other locations.

Basic Racing Go Kart Maintenance

Is your petrol running racing go kart not kicking over? Before you get frustrated and take it for repairs, you should check out a few areas first. If you learn to perform some basic maintenance on your machine, you can save lots of money by not having to have your kart repaired regularly by a mechanic. You can teach yourself some basic skills that will assist you in knowing how to service your kart when issues come up.

If your engine will not start, several possibilities exist for the problem. You should first look at the spark plugs. In order to look, you will need to pull the wire as well as the plug boot, or rubber cover. You can do this by removing the spark plug using a wrench and turning it anticlockwise. If you see charred or black build up at the end of your plug, it may be faulty. You may need to clean or replace the spark plug, depending on the number of hours it has been used.

If you have checked the plugs and wires and determined that they are in good working order, you can next pull out the air filter. It is located in the air filter box, and normally two clips will be securing the air box front in place. Apply some pressure to the clips and they should release. As you inspect the air filter, you need to make sure there is not a dark colour; if there is, you should change the filer. A cream coloured or white air filter will provide the best performance.

If, after looking in these two areas, you do not find the problem; your engine could be flooded. You might take out the spark plugs and let the kart rest for several hours in a sunny spot in order for the fumes to be released from the cylinders.

Though these tips can be helpful if your motor will not start, other problems may come up that can be quite elaborate. If you are not a mechanic, or you do not know a great deal about engines, you might easily spend much time or money looking for a solution to your problem.

One very common problem that is associated with go karts that run on petrol is to run smooth for a period of time, and then die off as the gas is pressed. When this happens, the carburettor may need adjusted, and it can often be fixed if a few tuning screws are turned. However, you should be knowledgeable about how to tune a carburettor, as well as what the screws are for before they are turned.

Once you have checked all of these issues, and you are still having problems with your petrol racing go kart, you may want to consider taking it to a repair shop. However, you may just save yourself some hassle, time, and money by following these simple tips on some of the problems associated with petrol go karts.

Forklifts For Sale: Become A Certified Forklift Operator

Any forklift found in a warehouse or store room is usually the “hard worker” within the grand scheme of operations that takes place in business. Those that actually operate forklifts for a living have the ability to pick up heavy loads and products and place them from one place to another. Even though operating a forklift is pretty simple, one must go through the certification process prior to being hired;  at most places that is. In order to become certified, one must complete an approved Occupation Safety & Health Administration course (OSHA).

Buying brand new forklifts for sale can cost a pretty penny. They can even reach up to $64,000. Since they are so expensive, one should do their homework on these machines regardless of if the unit is new or used. Before you purchase you should know things like how much weight will be lifted, will it be used outdoors, how high does the high-rise lift need to go, how often will it be used, etc.

Forklifts that are ran off of a battery are called electronic and do cost more upfront and typically have a lessor operating cost than others. These are perfect machines for indoor use because they give off no emissions. On the other hand, combustion engines like diesel, gas, or propane actually cost less to purchase up front but have higher cost to maintain them. All in all, machines that are powered by actual engines compared to batteries have been historically more durable.

A forklift purchase should be accompanied by a warranty to ensure satisfaction. For used forklifts, the cost of the warranty may be included in the purchase price. This makes it vital to work with a dealer who is well-established and who will spell out the terms of protection offered with the purchase. It should cover the engine, drive shaft and transmission for one year or 2,000 hours of use. Other parts may carry a shorter warranty period.

Now, one thing that forklifts for sale should always come standard with is a warranty on their engine and transmission. Why, because regardless of how well any piece of machinery is built, regardless of the conditions their used in, and regardless of how much they cost, machines break down unexpectedly. When they do, this is when a warranty comes into play.

If and when you ever see signs up around town or on the highway that say forklifts for sale you are probably in an area where forklift operation goes on. This is not a hard certification to get. Actually most people that operate forklifts make a great living and can almost guarantee that they will always have a job.

Becoming a certified forklift operator or driver can be a great fit for those that like to be in the construction industry or any type of warehouse area. Just about every industry in the world has a need for forklifts which is why you see so many “forklifts for sale” signs.

Being a certified forklift operator can include doing work like hauling boring loads of dishwashers, kitchen sinks, tires, etc. all the way to some really cool things like moving rockets or weaponry for the army. It doesn’t matter what type of products or materials are being hauled around, what does matter is that they are carried safely and the best way to ensure this is to become a certified operator.

By being trained as a forklift jockey, you will learn how to be a safe and productive driver. Your instructor will let you know how and when to use your horn, as well as how to handle any emergency situations that could come up while operating this type of machinery. The possibility of danger always exists around heavy equipment, but when properly trained, you will know how to minimize that danger and maximize your appeal to potential employers.

Driving a forklift is actually a lot of fun. You can pivot them on a 360 degree basis, can lift objects weighing thousands of pounds, can moved boulders and so much more. You can really have a good time, a safe good time, and honestly forget that you are working sometimes. If you are need of employment, do yourself a huge favor and get certified and be on your way to a guaranteed job and a whole lot of fun.

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