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Oil Painting Techniques

Painting is mostly an inborn talent of an individual but it can also be learned. There are lots of people who go to art schools to learn painting and other forms of art (you can check out online art schools in the internet). Learning about oil painting techniques is a good start to develop what little talent you have.

One thing is important, if you decide to go on painting you have to be sure that you have the passion and dedication to do it or you will fail. Developing your skills in painting is a long journey for you. You have to develop the virtue of patience for it will surely take time before you can master your piece.

As a beginner in oil painting, you need to start out with the basic. Equip yourself with all knowledge about painting in general and most specifically in oil painting techniques. You have to get grips on the concept of oil painting before you even start. Check out a few of painting techniques below:


It’s the oldest technique in oil painting. It involves applying a thin layer of light paint over a layer of darker shade. Scumbling is a result of scraping or dragging the lighter layer over the dark underpainting which result to a misty effect.


It is most widely used today in oil painting applications, and it lets the artist outline basic painting composition as well as set its tones and mood. It uses neutral colors.

There are a lot more of oil painting techniques that you can try but it is recommended that as beginner you start with the basic and when you get to master it then you can advance to a more complicated stage in oil painting. Mastery is the most important word to observe.

New Art for the World to See

One of the coolest things about graffiti art is that the second it is done is the second it is out in the world for all to see.  Recently Banksy left some new pieces of graffiti art scattered around New York City and within a very short amount of time they were up on the internet with pictures posted by various people who came across them or went to see them.  Now, this clearly isn't the way it is for every artists, considering Banksy's extensive following, but it goes to show how quickly something can spread.  In addition, it really shows how graffiti is an art for the public and the people living near where it has been put up.

Graffiti has been around for a long time and has evolved through many different forms, been painted on many different walls, and been planned and scribbled in many different graffiti blackbooks.  Because of the nature of the art, pieces are out in the world for everyone to see and appreciated (or hate) and tend to rise and fall with the space the art is located.  Either it will be taken off by an unhappy member of society or crumble with the structure the graffiti has become a part of.

Artists like Blek le Rat and Banksy have helped bring graffiti stencil art into the mainstream because of the intriguing images and commentary they create.  Although they are also hosting art shows the way a traditional artist might, they remain true to their roots while their art evolves.  It could be one of the most controversial types of art, but the amazing things being produced make it hard not to notice.  Whether the art is just written in a graffiti blackbook (like what you might find on or actually up on the wall of your city, graffiti art is sure to grab some attention.

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