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Reading With Koi

Reading is my cup of tea. My day is not complete with reading something, like a newspaper or a magazine. I usually do this when I do “my thing” (call of nature) in the bathroom during mornings. One morning I came across a magazine which my brother bought. It was about koi fish (by the way, my brother loves is a fish lover, in our home we have an arrowana, flower horn). As I was browsing the pages, I saw a picture of an Asagi koi and black koi fish. They amazingly looked very beautiful.

After my routine, I ran off to my brother’s bedroom. I asked him if he was intending to put our very own koi garden pond. He said that he wanted to, but could not afford it because koi fish can be quite expensive and the supplies and maintenance can be expensive as well. I felt sad at that time, I know my brother really wanted and so was I.

So, I decided to team up with him. I told him that I will earn money to share the expenses. The very same day, I came up to a decision to sell some of my things that I am no longer using and encourage the whole family to do the same thing to raise funds. We segregated all the things that we can sell such as clothing, bags, toys, and figurine collections of my mom.

We sent out flyers and posted ads through the internet for our grand garage sale. The grand sale was successful. Most the things we displayed were sold and some of things that did not, we decided to give it to charity. Believe it or not, we earned $2,502.25. We were amazed how much we’ve got.

The next morning, together with our dad, we went to a koi center to ask for suggestions on how to build our very own koi pond and bought some of the things we needed. It took us a month to finally finish the whole thing. Now we have our very own koi fish swimming around our pond and I am happy I can read my books alongside with them.

Koi fish’s Meaning In My Life

Since I was in high school, I’ve always been fascinated with aquarium fish. During that time, it became so popular that a lot pet store has been established. Although I didn’t get one (because my family was against it because it was too expensive), I still love the idea of having to take of the fish and feeding it. One particular fish that I wanted was the Japanese koi fish, it was really beautiful, and what attracted me the more was the koi fish meaning.

My fascination with koi fish started when I came across a Japanese book, I was in awe seeing a wonderful picture of a fish that looked like a dragon. (During that time, I’ve liked reading legends and myths especially that those of the Japanese and Chinese.) That incident started my interest in knowing more about koi fish, like where it came from, how to take care of them. I read a lot of books and surf the internet; I even went to koi centers to see the real thing. Most importantly, I discovered that koi fish symbolizes strength, courage and endurance.

The symbol of the koi fish inspired to be a strong person. Young as I was at that time, I knew I haven’t gone through a lot of trials in life. Although back then, I had some teen issues which made my life a little bit difficult, so every time I stumble and fall, I think of myself like a Japanese koi fish, strong, mighty, and brave and can endure adversities.

At present, now that I’m earning my own money, I decided to put up a garden pond and bought some koi for it. My fascination about koi has never faded because they inspire me to be stong and brave in spite of life’s troubles.

My Love for Koi

I have always been fascinated by koi-Japanese fish. They do not only look good but I find them really interesting.

My hobby in koi-keeping started four months ago when I went to Japan for a business trip. When I was there, we were given free time to shop and visit recreational spots. One day, my Japanese friend Hana, brought me to a restaurant. While waiting for our food to be served, from afar I saw a huge aquarium about five feet tall and six feet wide. I was amazed because there was only one fish swimming there, and the fish was about three feet long. Still in awe, I stood up from my chair and went directly to the aquarium to see the fish and took pictures of it. After having a sumptuous meal, we headed out to go other places but I never stop asking about the koi-Japanese fish.

I think Hana was too fed up with my questions about that exotic fish so she decided to bring me to a koi center which made me so excited. There I saw lots of them, with different colors, scales, and patterns. I never imagined there could be a lot of varieties. There were white, red, blue, gray, orange, and the most beautiful of all, the black koi which looked like the dragon in the Japanese paintings. It really took my breath away, and I said to myself that I will really get one for myself.

Moving forward, after a long and fruitful business trip, it was time to go home. When I got home, I decided to look for the koi fish; I went around the city to canvass for supplies needed to put up my own pond. After a month of setting up for my dream pond, I finally got to buy my own Japanese koi fish. I so love it.

Record Shark Fishing for Great White Sharks

One of the most feared sharks by people of the fishing community is the great White Shark. A full grown one will be about 13-16 feet long and weigh about 1500-2450 lbs. Females are generally bigger than the males. Most often people boast of catching very large sharks from the sea. But experts feel that the great white shark can normally grow to a full length of 20 feet and weigh 4200lbs. If someone says that they have caught something bigger then it is skeptical. So what makes record shark fishing?

For many years the shark fishing community has come up with three great white sharks fishing records in many publications including the most popular Guinness Book of World Records. The third biggest white shark was caught near Port Fairy in the South Australian waters in 1870. It was believed that this shark was about 36 feet long. Then came the second biggest in 1930. It was caught in Herring Weir, New Brunswick in Canada. This shark was believed to be about 37.6 feet in length. The world record stands at 41.2 feet huge monster shark that was caught by a Portuguese Trawler off the Azores Islands.

So now you know that there were sharks that could have such unbelievable measurements. But these are real statistics and we need to be surprised at the brave efforts of the fishermen in those days for exhibiting such great valor. But these days when they go fishing, they can only find sharks in the range of about 21-23 feet in length. And if something is trying to go beyond we can look forward to a record shark fishing and hope that it will happen someday. Let us also hope that the dream of breaking the current world record will be fulfilled some day when a giant white shark is caught again.

Chicken Soup Dog Food for Our Dogs?

Chicken Soup Dog Food (Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul) was the brand that the breeder recommended when we picked up our Chocolate Lab. She said she had done great deal of research and that this puppy food was the one she recommended to everyone that bought her dogs. Little did we know, what would be in store for our dog.

We drove for over two hours of highway and then for another half hour on country roads in the middle of nowhere to get to this breeder. After weeks of searching and finding dogs from breeders with little promise, we were hoping for the best. While a lot of the breeder's had their dogs in crates all the time and were treated like breeding stock, it was refreshing to see this lady had 10 acres out of the country and the quality of the dogs was made it well worth the drive.

After seeing the puppies and noticing the high quality of the dogs we decided to purchase one and toward the end of the conversation the lady wanted to go over all of the paperwork. She said while she could require it, she definitely recommended the puppy version of chicken soup dog food for all of her puppies. That's what they had been eating since they were big enough to eat solid food and she had great luck with it.

She said she had done some extensive research and she asked what we fed our other dogs. We told her and she grimaced and said that that dog food had a number of byproducts and fillers that she would not recommend it. After hearing all of this, we eventually switched our other dog over to Chicken Soup Dog Food as well. Our Chocolate Lab ate the puppy version of the food up until he was 11 months old and then we switched them over to the adult dog food. A few weeks after the switch, we started noticing him scratching more and that he started having dog hair loss issues.

We really didn't know what was going on, so we decided to take him to the vet since it was time for his annual checkup anyway. The vet wanted to check some things out but said it was likely we were looking at some sort of dog allergy.

Learn more about dog food allergies and CHICKEN SOUP DOG FOOD.

What Does Revolution Do For Dogs

Revolution for Dogs is becoming a very popular medication and it has been getting more attention lately. But many people are unsure just what it treats for. We will now look at just what this medication can be used for.

Cheap Revolution for Dogs, which is widely available, is known mostly as a flea treatment. But it does so much more. As well as it it very effectively getting rid of fleas at all stage of their life it has a number of other effects as well. It is used to deal with sarcoptic mange in Dogs very effectively and it will get rid of ear mites that can be a serious problem for some animals.

But this is not all, the other main reason why owners choose Revolution is because it will very effectively get rid of heartworms. It treats for heartworms like all other heartworm medicines do and it does it very effectively. It is actually one of the gentlest ways to treat for all of these very common problems and it is why so many owners are now using it.

The fact is that many Dog owners use a flea treatment and then a separate heartworm medicine as well. This can make it quite costly and if we can combine these treatments in one then we are using less medications and we cut the cost down quite dramatically. If you currently do use both then it is certainly worth considering changing to just using revolution instead.

When you buy your Revolution you will have to take into account the size of your dog. Below is the Revolution topical solutions for the smallest and the largest dogs that are available for sale at Amazon for the various sizes of dogs.

Revolution for Dogs 5-10 lbs topical solution 6-count pack

Revolution for Dogs 41-85 lbs topical solution 12-count pack

This will make us less likely to forget to treat on a monthly basis and is much better for our pets health as using too many different medications is never a good thing. Apart from anything else we are also making our lives just that little bit easier. We just have to apply externally once a month and that is all. It is a very simple thing to do to protect out pets.

Baby Kittens For Sale Near You

Do you love baby kittens and want to find a couple for sale so that you can bring them into your home? There is a lot to love about kittens and there are a lot of places that you will be able to find them for sale. If you are a smart family and want to have a few kittens as pets then you will want to know where to look so that you will be able to buy them. When you are pointed in the right direction you will be able to make sure that you get the best deal possible on the kittens that you want to make a part of your family.

One place that you can check is the classifieds section of your local newspaper. There are a lot of people who want to sell or give kittens away in the newspaper. You will be able to find a lot of different listings for almost any type of kitten you can imagine. All you have to do is call the person who placed the advertisement and ask if the kittens are still available.

Another place that you can check is online classifieds sites. You will be able to find plenty of baby kittens for sale by checking the online classifieds that are specific to your area. People post advertisements online because they know that a lot of people will find them and they will have a better chance of selling their kittens.

There are a lot of places that you will be able to find the baby kittens that you want to have. By checking your local newspaper and the online classifieds that are specific to your area you will be able to find some great kittens near you that you can make a part of your family.

Bed Bugs: How to get rid of them

Before calling for the bed bugs exterminator, you need to know exactly what a bed bug is. A bed bug is a minute, parasitic insect. They feed on the blood of humans as well as the blood of other types of warm blooded animals. Bed bugs are nocturnal - they only feed at night and this is usually during the hour or two before dawn. They feed weekly and are able to live in dormancy for more than a year without acquiring food. In order to feed themselves, the bugs insert a hollow tube through the host's skin and suck the host's blood up through this tube for approximately 5 minutes. Following feeding, they retreat back to where they came from, usually to the inside of a mattress, or anywhere which is near enough to their host, such as in furniture, linens and walls.

These bugs can be killed in many ways. The majority of methods for their extermination involve the use of pesticides and the rubbing of alcohol. These methods will work if they are placed directly on to the bugs. A dependable way in which to eliminate these bugs, and a popular method used by pest exterminators, is the use of intense heat. This will kill a bed bug within a few minutes. It is often quoted that bed bugs of all stages of life are able to be killed with exposure to a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius (or 115 degrees Fahrenheit) for 7 minutes.

The easiest way in which to achieve these high temperatures is to make use of a fabric steamer for the desired period of time. This will instantly kill bugs and any eggs. The steam will penetrate deep into a mattress and the corners of the bed, killing bugs wherever they are hiding in the mattress. The United States Department of Defense recommended a minimum temperature of 49 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit is used for a minimum of twenty minutes to kill all bugs. Oven-type machines are available for this purpose. It is simply not sufficient to eliminate bugs of this kind solely by placing a mattress into a black bag and putting it out in the sun when it is a hot day.

Mother Nature’s Freaks of Nature

One thing is for sure, mother nature does not create every animal equally. Although there are what humans call normal animals on this earth, there are also those that people would refer to as freaks of nature. These animals are perhaps the weirdest animals on Earth, and may look like they actually come from another planet.

Freaky weird animals are all over, from the Americas to Europe and each have their own distinctive look. One such animal that resides in North America is the star-nosed mole. This is not the typical mole, and has a snout with 12 flesh-like tentacles that resembles something out of a science fiction movie. The tentacles have a purpose, as they can be used to identify food. These creatures live in moist lowlands and eat insects, worms and small invertebrates.

Another creature that tops the list of freaky weird animals is the hispaniolan solenodon. This strange looking creature resembles a shrew with a long anteater type of snout. Aside from their strange appearance, they also have teeth that are capable of delivering venom similar to a snake. Luckily there are only two types of these species still in existence today one in Haiti and one in Cuba.

Who said pigs only had to live on a farm? Seapigs are round ocean floor creatures that resemble a pig in color and shape. Like their ancestor the traditional pig, seapigs feed on mud located at the seafloor. They amaze scientists who still have not figured out how they have adapted to survive so well at the depths they do.

Not all of the weirdest animals on earth have to be ugly, the long eared jerboa is a rodent found in deserts. Typically found in China and Mongolia, these mouse-like nocturnal animals have very long tails and legs, but even bigger ears. Don't let their appearance fool you, they can do damage. Because they are extremely rare they are in danger of extinction.

These are just a few of the many freaky weird animals in the world. It is hard to believe, but each one of these creatures serves a purpose. Tentacles, ears, and teeth, they are built into a species for survival.

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