Balancing the Books and Pet Expenses

We love the idea of having a pet.  Something for the kids to take care of.  To be able to settle down and really enjoy our animals.

More than that, having a pet teaches our children responsibility outside of themselves.  In an increasingly selfish society we all need something to help us to look beyond the ‘me’ syndrome, one which children so easily display.

For this reason, and many others it has to be said, it is a really good idea to get some sort of pet.

For my family it has always been a dog.  And dogs aren’t cheap!  Ours is only a cocker spaniel but it still costs a bit to run her, beyond the vets bills there is the constant food.

These costs can all add burden to a family income, and if you don’t go in to the whole project with your eyes open into how much a pet will cost, then you will end up with a pet that you might love dearly, but you can’t afford to keep.  This is the syndrome that happens in many families around Christmas time – they get a pet, and then they soon realise how much it costs.
So the first thing you should do is do some checking online, and get some rough costs about how much it is going to cost to keep whichever pet you decide, and some pets (like a rat, for instance) will be cheaper.  Find one that is within your means.

And how will you discover that?  Well again, you need to look at your accounts.  I use some home accounting software to help me project forwards how much money I have, and then using the software project how much the extra burden will cost.

In fact, you can model it for a couple of months before you buy in the real world and see if it is affordable.  If you do that, then you are much more likely to be able to make the right choice of pet, and save the heartbreak of having to part with your family friend unexpectedly.

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