Alcoholic Problems What You Need To Know

There are many types of addictions in the world, and one of these addictions happens to alcoholism. Alcohol itself is a depressant, and many people require the substance inside of their bodies to function properly. Some of the reasons as to why people drink include: approval from a social group, a boost in ego and mood, and to relieve them of the stresses they may feel. There are, however, problems associated with drinking too much. Below are some of the problems of drinking too much alcohol:

1) Effects on one's brain: Some of the alcoholic problems affect an individual's brain. Before explaining these effects, though, it is paramount to understand that there is a wide variation on just exactly how badly they affect someone's brain. For example, the follow factors are important to assess: how much a person drinks, what age the person drinking is, general health status, sex, weight, age, and tolerance levels. With those things assesses, the effects of alcohol on the brain include: difficulty walking, slower reaction times, slurred speech, and impaired memory functioning. Drinking for a long time damages the area of the brain responsible for long-term memory as well (i.e., hippocampus). Thus, alcohol is detrimental the brains of those people addicted to it.

2) Effects on the heart: Health advisers warn that drinking too much alcohol predisposes a person to heart disease and heart attacks. Ironically, though, drinking alcohol in mild amounts helps the heart.

3) Effects on the liver: Alcohol literally destroys the liver, and, in doing so, it may cause the following problems: liver disease, cirrhosis, steatosis, and hepatitis. Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition in which healthy tissue of one's liver is replaced with faulty tissue, and the normal functions of one's liver get impaired. Steatosis, on the other hand, is a condition in which a person's liver stops metabolizing fatty acid materials. Finally, Hepatitis occurs when a person drinks so much alcohol that his liver becomes inflamed; when a persons stops drinking alcohol, this disease stops.

It is important to learn more about alcohol addiction recovery to avoid those unhealthy problems that can occur if one continues to drink to much alcohol.

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