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Orbit Water Sprinkler Timer Systems

There is an extensive range of water sprinkler timers available from Orbit Irrigation Products. This is a company that specializes in irrigation products and the control of when the sprinklers are operated can be controlled either by simple or quite complex means. The Orbit products cover all watering requirements and cater to the backyard watering system as well as the far more extensive systems that might be used on large estates.

The simplest of the Orbit products is the Orbit 1 Dial Hose Faucet Timer. It is a very simple piece of equipment that fits directly onto the faucet and features a dial that explains each function in clear terms. Setting the timer is a simple process of setting the watering time, how often you need it to operate and for how long and you are done. It also comes with a manual button that will allow the system to be overridden without affecting the automatic settings. For less than $35, it’s very good value for money.

A little more advanced is the Orbit 2-Dial Digital Timer. The first dial is a Start Interval Dial that allows you to set up to ten interval options that will control when the watering is performed over the period of a week. The Duration Dial can then be used to set how long each of those watering periods will last. This is a very good set-and-forget system that can be operated directly at the faucet. It can be bought for less than $30.

Moving the settings to a central location is a simple matter with the range of Orbit Outdoor Swing Panel Timers. They are available in a range of multiple station versions including 4-station, 6-station, 9-station or 12-station Timers. These outdoor units come in weatherproof containers and are easy to install in either an indoor or outdoor setting. If you are after a unit that can control multiple parts of the yard with watering options over a number of days the Orbit systems keep coming up as particularly reliable units that are very easy to use. The smaller 4-Station Timer System is less than $50 while the larger 12-Station System can be bought for around $80.

A couple of things that stands out whenever reading any of the customer reviews for the Orbit Water Timers listed above as well as others in the extensive range is firstly the ease with which they can be installed and, secondly, their reliability. The Orbit Water Timers definitely look as though they provide an outstanding option for setting up a home watering system that can be relied upon.

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