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The Quest For A Seriously Good Compound Bow

The many makers of compound bows, particularly the larger companies, have attempted to cater for every type of shooter from the target archer to the beginner hunter. While this means that the broader range of shooters are catered for, the more specialty types of bows may not get made. This is where smaller bow manufacturers may have the edge. Quest Bowhunting is a small bow manufacturer (although part of a larger archery company) and is aiming at providing the hunter with the perfect hunting bow.

The flagship bow in the range of Quest bows is known as the Quest Primal and it is a small framed speed bow that blows arrows out at over 300 feet per second. Although it is incredibly powerful it is still a very smooth bow to draw and creates only minor vibration on release. It is a bow that is turning heads among many in the hunting community.

Accuracy is also a very important factor for the hunter and the Quest Hammer has been designed to meet the needs of those who require a forgiving bow. The brace height of the Hammer is slightly larger to give the less experienced shooter a bit of an edge. Although some speed is lost because of the size of the brace height it still packs a powerful punch.

A light weight bow and a lot of power is another aspect that many people appreciate in a hunting bow and the Quest Smoke provides both of those qualities. It is also provided at a price that is somewhat less than what you might expect to pay when you buy other bows.

This is a company that is producing some seriously good compound bows for the hunter and it is beginning to be recognised for it. Look out for more great bows in the near future.

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