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Splash Out On Espresso Shot Glasses

The process of creating the perfect espresso is very important, particularly for those who are connoisseurs of the brew. In order to help in measuring the espresso into 1 or 2oz shots the use of shot glasses is necessary. This has made these small espresso shot glasses very useful and they have been designed in an imaginative and vast array of different sizes.

The inside lining of these glasses are all very much the same which is not surprising given they are a form of measuring liquid. The exteriors are far different in the way they are presented. This has led to the espresso shot glass becoming the object of collectors with the unusual and the off-beat becoming prized and displayed as decorative items.

The following is a brief display of a few of the different sizes and shapes that can be found providing us with useful measures as well as creatively decorative objects.

These espresso shot glasses are available as very small glasses such as this 1.5oz espresso shot glass.

Pictured next is an example of one of the many different styles of Bodum espresso shot glasses. In this case we can see a 2oz shot glass.

The next is a shot glass of double the size of the last at 4oz and these glasses are often made with logo designs added to the sides.

Italian espresso shot glasses are to be expected and the glass pictured here is a particularly nice example.

Finally we find a Grosche Oslo Duo espresso shot glass rounding off the display.

There are a number of different uses for espresso shot glasses that doesn't necessarily involve coffee. They have been used to present special desserts and alcoholic beverages in a creative way that will be sure to be remembered. For only a few dollars (or pounds) per glass they are particularly cheap items that can add a great deal to a meal.

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