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Get in On the Spray Tanning Act

Tanning is a popular activity with women of all ages. Bronze skin is considered to be beautiful by many. Hundreds have been drawn to artificial tanning because they believed that it was safer than baking in the sun. However, recent studies have shown that using a tanning bed may result in melanoma, a serious skin cancer, and other skin problems such as burns. As a result, the popularity of getting a spray tan has increased in order to get an effective but safe tan.

A spray tan may also be known as an airbrush tan. Many tanning and beauty salons now offer this unique procedure to their customers. Spray tanning is a relatively simple procedure that may be performed by a salon technician. The client's eyes, nose, and mouth are covered to prevent inhalation and damage. The hair is put up and covered with a surgical-style cap to keep it away from the tanning solution. The technician then uses a spray nozzle to release a solution onto the customer. This solution is usually made up of bronzers, a base solution, and a skin soothing ingredient like Aloe Vera. A spray tanning machines is likely to use a compressor to provide adequate pressure for the tanning process. Other machines may not be operated by a technician but rather use a booth-style machine that is similar to a shower stall. Either way, this procedure usually takes less than a minute. Customers should stand with their limbs apart to ensure even coverage. Air drying after the procedure is quick, then the client can dress and continue about their day.

Airbrush tans are more temporary than other types, and are said to last for four to seven days. Pre-tanning preparation can help the tan to last longer and look better. Exfoliating helps the tan last. Users should not wear moisturizer, makeup or deodorant while getting their tan to prevent adverse reactions.

FAQs About Learning The Blues Guitar

If you want to improve you guitar playing a lot then at some point you should learn to play the blues guitar. The blues music founded in the cotton fields of Mississippi has given rise to so many more styles of music through the evolution of the guitar. Getting to learn blues guitar lessons will improve your playing, no matter what type of music that you play.

How do I find a tutor?
The kind of blues guitar lesson that you will be able to get depends a lot on the time and money that you have available. If you have a lot of both then you should certainly look for a local tutor. They will be able to watch you play and offer you a course tailored exactly to your requirements. There are, however, plenty of online courses that can help you through video lessons if this suits your budget and requirements better.

Should I play along to backing tracks?
Absolutely. Backing tracks are an excellent way to learn. The blues is a lot about how you feel the music in your heart, so you want to play as much as possible and learn your own signature style. Backing tracks remove the lead guitar part so that you can play this yourself and offer you a great way to learn.

Do I need an expensive guitar?
No you don’t. Very cheap guitars can have poor action (the distance between the strings and the fret board) that makes it hard for learners. Also the cheaper guitars tend to go out of tune a lot more often. A mid-prized guitar from a reputable brand will be more than adequate for beginners. Remember that you really need your own guitar so that you can practice as much as possible.

As you can see, learning the blues guitar is a great thing to do and you should certainly, whether you are a beginner or not, get some lessons in this great genre of music.

Some Great Makeup Tips

If there is one easy way to completely transform your look, then changing your makeup is certainly one of them. Combining makeup skills with other home beauty treatments, means that you can look great all the time.

There are certain things that you must do to get the most out of your makeup. In this article we look at some simple tips that will transform the way you make yourself up.

Firstly you want to flick through some fashion and celebrity magazines to get some fresh ideas for how to do your makeup. If you do it the same everday, you aren’t going to create much of an impact unless you change up your look.

Make sure that you stock up on a wide range of products. Whilst you shouldn’t buy anything that you don’t need, you certainly should make sure that you get yourself a range of colors, glitters and specialist products to allow yourself room to experiment.

If you are going for a new look, then it is going to take few attempts to get it just how you want it. As with anything, you need to practice, and you will soon be able to get the results that you want very quickly.

Less is More
With doing your makeup, the old rule that less is more couldn’t be more apt. There is nothing worse that someone who has slapped on too much makeup. Apart from being bad for your skin, it will more than likely have the opposite effect to that you were hoping. Plan out how you are going to apply your makeup, and with more practice you will get better. You also need to learn to know when to stop, so that you can have a great look without going over board.

These are out top makeup tips. Be sure to follow them to get the best results for changing up your look.

Babysitting Jobs: How to Find One

The moment we hear the word “babysitting”, the picture that comes into mind is a teenage girl, usually the baby's neighbor, who is willing to spend the day or night at her neighbor's place, earn a few bucks and get a few perks like free food, television or free use of the telephone. There is no certainty as to why that is the case, but maybe we can blame it on the entertainment industry. Babysitting jobs in real life are not anything like the movies. It requires A LOT of patience and understanding.

Parents nowadays, are clever not to endorse their children to just anyone they do not know. This makes it even harder for anyone aspiring to find babysitting jobs to indeed, find one. Sure you have a resume but parents will jump right over to the bottom section and will be looking for any experience you have had in the past that may relate to babysitting. Parents on a babysitter search may ask for character references and will prefer that those references are parents themselves whom you worked with in the past. That is just how shrewd modern parents are.

If you have had any form of experience, familiarity or understanding in babysitting jobs, it might help indicating those experiences in your resume. Knowledge in first aid and infant CPR will definitely boost your credentials and will somehow leave an impression to parents that you can handle such issues in particularly extreme cases. On the other hand, if you haven’t had any experience at all, one effective way of gaining experience is by asking anyone from your relatives if they needed babysitting assistance. If they do not need one at the moment, press on. Ask them if they knew somebody at all who needed your help and request that they let you know if ever they meet someone in the future who needs babysitting assistance. Just like that and you have initially advertised your services.

You may also want to try your neighbors and do the same thing. Sooner or later, everyone will know you have the intention of taking up a babysitting job. If you have not taken any first aid courses, you might want to enroll in such. Not only will you be able to become trained in child safety, but you will be able to socialize with other people, gain their trust and consider the possibility of getting a babysitting job there. There are also babysitting referral programs that are offered for free in some areas. Owners of these firms will examine babysitters before endorsing them to client families. Some referral programs also provide training which will definitely give you more knowledge about the job.

Modern Age Japanese Names

Japanese comic books or manga have invaded the local television, movie industry, video games and the Internet. These merchandised influenced die-hard fans of all ages try to adapt the “way of the samurai” in their lifestyle. Enthusiasts pretend to be ninja assassins, place their favorite anime character posters in their rooms, come up with their own Japanese names and use them in social networking sites to improve their profiles. Some die-hard couples patronize their anime characters to the extent that they are even willing to base their first-born son or daughter’s name on them.

If you are one of these couples and are planning to name your child with a Japanese name, continue reading. If you are someone who would just like to know and understand more about Japanese names, continue reading just the same because here is something you should understand. Both Japanese surnames and given names are mostly written in kanji, Chinese characters believed to have been brought by Buddhists to Japan in the 5th century. By custom, the names follow a certain structure where the surname comes first before the given name. Japanese have no middle names however; an exception to the rule applies to the imperial family who, as opposed to traditional naming conventions, have middle names instead of last names.

Abbreviating the names is one of the common practices of the Japanese to create nicknames. The first two syllables of the given name and last name are combined. For example, Hikaru Yamato  (Yamato Hikaru) would have a nickname of Hikayama. These Japanese names are often applied to celebrities whether foreign or local. Another way to formulate a nickname is by attaching the suffix “chan”. There are two versions of doing this: the first involves retaining the whole given name before adding the suffix like Hikaru-chan from Hikaru; the second is the shortened version where at least one syllable is extracted from the full given name before the suffix addition. Example for this would be Hi-chan from Hikaru.

Only a few Japanese names may be regarded as either given names or last names. Some of them are Arata, Kaneko and Mayumi. Showing respect by referring to titles rather than given names is also a common Japanese practice. Within families, younger members call their big brothers “oniichan” and their moms okaasan”. The suffix “-san” may be attached to non-family members’ names like Hikaru-san from Hikaru. The word “sensei” may be used to recognize a teacher or master.

The Pole Lamp

The need for indoor lighting is universal. But the days of having a table lamp on every surface of every room has come to and end. Whether your home is being furnished by a designer or you just want to be able to light a dorm room, one of the most common types of light source is the pole lamp. There are thousands of styles and models available to the shopper today. Whether you are perusing the online stores, the local mall or even your neighbor's garage sale, you can find one to fit your needs.

They can be categorized roughly by number of bulbs, adjustability, style and type of material used. To be sure price is also a big factor. You can spend thousands if you have the means, or a hundred or more dollars for a quality contemporary design. Of course if your budget is low then you may able to find an old one that you can spruce up on the side of the road on junk day, or at the local consignment store.

At one time most dens or living rooms in the US were lit by some version of the pole lamp, as ceiling fans with light fixtures are a fairly new and modern occurrence. Easily moved and adjusted these three bulb monstrosities have given way to more elegant and halogen bulb lit lamps. There are a myriad of websites that sell light fixtures and these are worth checking out if you want to get a sense of what is available. Unfortunately they cannot give you a sense of the lighting that will be provided or how substantial the construction is.

There really isn't any substitute for going to a lighting store and checking out these things in person. Maybe you have seen a light in someone’s home and you know you want one just like it. Then you can go for a search and probably get it at a good price delivered to your door from an online store. There really is a light available for every situation and taste that people have, be sure to take the time to look for the right one for you.

Keeping Your Dog Happy While You Are at Work (Even in Dog Kennels)

Post provided by Dog Kennels Co

Working a 9-5 job can seem incompatible with dog care giving. Many dog lovers choose not to bring a dog into their homes for fear that they lack the time to properaly care for a new dog. However, there is no reason that one cannot both work outside the home and give their dog or puppy the love and attention that they require.

The best way to ensure that your dog is happy while you are out is to create an environment that offers them both safety and stimulation. Find toys that your dog will enjoy playing with, even when you are not there. Chew toys and rawhide bones can provide your dog with hours of solitary activity. In addition, training your dog to feel comfortable in dog kennels can help reduce the separation anxiety that is common to many breeds. Outfit your dog's kennel with a soft bed and it will quickly become her favorite napping place.

For those who can afford it, hiring a dog walker to stop by each day can be a great help. In most cities, this service is relatively inexpensive and will give your dog a chance to blow off steam during the day. A mid-day walk will also make it far less likely that your dog will have accidents at home and pet owners will find they are spending far less time cleaning their rugs. Most dog walkers will walk a number of dogs at one time. This is a great way to continue the socialization process for your dog, but it should never be the first step. Some aggressive dogs may need to go through an obedience training course before they are handled by even the most experienced dog walker.

Finding ways to ensure that your dog is entertained and getting the exercise that she needs, even while you are at work, will make for a happy dog and even happier parents.

Why Choose A Spring Air Back Supporter Mattress?

Whether you read a Spring Air back supporter mattress review or not, know that these are top of the line mattresses. They support the spine and neck, ensuring you are comfortable in your bed and get the best night’s sleep. The Spring Air back support mattresses offer a number of benefits.

For one thing, a Spring Air back supporter mattress provides exceptional back support. More than all other mattresses on the market today these have proven to keep the spine and neck supported and comfortable through the night. The company is also eco-friendly which is important with the negative environmental issues we face today.

The Spring Air mattresses feature a carbon neutral base and this ensures the longest lasting back support. Your back does not only feel better while you are sleeping on the bed but also throughout the day after you wake up. Because your neck and spinal column has been properly supported during your sleep, you awake feeling refreshed and relaxed.

These mattresses also ensure the sleeper receives pressure relieving comfort. When you have a back injury and even just after working a long hard day the last thing you want to do is jump into a bed with a hard uncomfortable surface. The Spring Air beds do nothing of the sort and their multi-layered makeup ensures you have foam, natural latex and unique surface modification designs to keep you most comfortable.

If you are interested in buying one of these mattresses you can head to a retail store or shop online through the Spring Air Company. Their beds offer logical design and incredible craftsmanship so you know you are always getting your money’s worth. The difference you will start to feel after sleeping in one of these beds instead of on your old haggard mattress is incredible. You are never going to want to go back after you try a Spring Air back supporter mattress.

Golf and Tension A Risky Combination

Quick tips from Golf Courses Charlotte

Some days you are soaring with the Eagles and other days playing like you've never been on the course before. That's golf.

You're still using the

  • same clubs,
  • same driver,
  • same irons

and everything feels right but nothing seems to work.

On the green you're putting stance seems normal and you remember the times when the ball went straight into the hole but now it's just not happening.

You may start to wonder if putting and gambling are the same game. Is it just one big spin of the roulette wheel?

You're probably experiencing the undertow of golf -- tension.

Tension is a strange bedfellow. It can move in like a cloud and attack you when you are least expecting it. Maybe it was something at the office,  at home, any number of things can cause subtle tension which can have a dramatic affect on your golf game.

Here's the good news

You get to relax and improve your game. Take a breath, relax your muscles, and your putting will improve.

Your golf game gets more difficult when you tense your muscles. The very foundation of golf excellence is simple relaxation. If you're bracing yourself or stiff with sore muscles you are going to experience difficulty in your game.

Think about the times when your puts were world-class. You can be guaranteed that those times were when you were relaxed, fluid, tension free, and on your game.

Top performance coaches teach the process of visualizing just such moments.

Here's How

Start with your face and relax the muscles of your forehead and all parts of your face, ears, top of your head and neck, shoulders, back down to your buttocks ,thighs, your legs and ankles feet... really shake it off and relax and you get the feel of what it's like when you're playing your best.

You're putting game improves in direct proportion to your ability to relax. That really is good news.

When in Charlotte Golf at Springfield.

Information About the Signs of Menopause

What is menopause:

This is when the ovaries slow down and a woman’s body slowly stops producing as much estrogen and progesterone. Menopause is the final day of a last menstruation, it is 100% confirmed  after 12 months with no bleeding of any kind. Usually menopause happens naturally and slowly, but in rare cases, it can also happen naturally very quickly. Surgical menopause is menopause that is brought on  by a surgery such as a hysterectomy. Women  who have a surgical menopause experience a sudden drop in hormone production that may result in more symptoms and more extreme symptoms than during natural menopause. Menopause may also be brought on by medical conditions or medical treatment like radiation therapy for cancer. The average age of menopause is 52 years old in the United States. Several years leading up to menopause, is the phase called pre menopause or perimenopause, this phase lasts several years, normally about 6 or 7 years. The symptoms experienced during perimenopause and menopause are the same.

Signs of menopause guide:

  • Irregular bleeding. It may be heavier, lighter, or missed periods
  • Mood swings
  • Hot flashes. This is the most commonly reported menopause symptoms.
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Depression. If the depression is serious, a doctor’s care should be sought.
  • Anxiety. If it’s serious and beginning to impact your daily living, you should talk with a doctor.
  • Heart palpitations. This can be associated with hot flashes but can be indicative of other health concerns so an exam is required to rule out other health concerns.
  • Accidental urine leakage. Doing Kegal exercises to strengthen the vaginal wall may work to prevent accidents.
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Memory loss


Menopause doesn’t require any special treatment except for simple lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising, reducing stress and trying to get enough sleep. It’s important that during this change, you take extra good care of yourself, because high stress levels and a lack of sleep can exacerbate symptoms. Eventually after menopause occurs, women will experience symptoms for a few more years, then they begin to taper off.

Women who have very intense or frequent hot flashes may need treatment as may women with clinical depression or anxiety that is sometimes associated with menopause. Constant insomnia may also be a symptom that requires treatment.

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