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Using Tension Curtain Rods

It’s not always possible to attach curtain rods to the walls of a house, particularly when the house you are living in is a rental. In a lot of situations the terms of the rental agreement will be that the walls are not allowed to be damaged with screws or other fixings. In this situation, if you want to hang curtains, you will need a tension curtain rod.

Tension curtain rods are often used for hanging shower curtains. The rod is spring loaded so that it can be compressed, placed between two walls or a wall and an upright, and then released so that the rod is fixed tightly by the tension of the spring. A shower cubicle is not the only place in which a tension curtain rod is appropriate.

It is also possible to hang window curtains with one if it is an alcove window where the alcove will support the curtain rod.

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Affixing Tension Curtain Rods

When you affix a tension curtain rod you need to make sure you buy one that will adequately cover the entire window. Adjust it to the right size so that the unexpanded rod fits just inside the sides of the alcove and then release the spring. The curtain rod will then jam itself into the opening to provide a curtain that can hold lightweight curtains.

The handy thing about tension curtain rods is that they do not need any special tools or knowledge to install them. They are quick and simple to use but because they are not actually affixed to the wall with screws or nails, they are not able to hold up weights as heavy as a normal curtain rod.

Tension curtain rods are limited in length because they don’t come with a center bracket for support. If the curtain rod is too long it will bow in the middle and the tension holding it up will be lost causing the whole assembly to fall down.

These curtain rods are a great way to put up temporary curtains or to install curtains in places where it is not possible to screw in a set of brackets. They're certainly different to the more formal decorative curtain rods that you might use to create a more formal display of your window treatments.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Kennel

Buying a dog kennel is one of the most confusing tasks a pet owner can face. Going through a list of the different types and names available can be a frustrating situation for even the calmest of people. You have a feeling right from the start of the importance of getting the perfect dog pen to keep your furry friend safe. It's almost an existential dilemma. You know that if you don't get the perfect confinement and your furry friend is injured then you’ll feel the guilt for years to come.

Choosing a portable dog kennel is usually the way to go to break into the field. That way your pet will be safe and protected whether indoors or out. With the portable model you can also load it up and go to Grandmas house without worrying about where to put your pet when you get there so he doesn’t end up disturbing the family get-together. You should always keep an eye on your dog when he’s in his crate to make sure he is doing okay. Check the safety features to be sure that it will hold your four legged pal without him getting hurt or stuck on the door or any other edges. Remember to keep other safety cautions in mind as well and never put him inside with his collar on as it can become tangled and strangle him to death before you notice. Make sure to leave water for him if he is going to be crated for an hour or longer.

Another consideration when purchasing a dog kennel is your animal’s adult size. If you want him to keep the same kennel for a few years without replacing it get one that will support his adult weight as well as size. If you are not sure of his breed and have no way of knowing his adult size, consult your veterinarian who will be able to give you an estimate. Seek opinions from family and friends who have previous experience in buying dog supplies of this type; they can point you in the right direction. Remember safety is always the top priority when choosing a kennel for your pet.

New Options in Organic Baby Clothing

Looking for a different kind of baby gift?  Look no farther than the latest trend: organic baby clothes.  You are not only giving a wonderful, quality gift, but you are also participating in the environmental movement.  Specialty baby boutiques and larger chain stores alike are offering a variety of consumer goods that are made from organic fibers.  In the past, there has been criticism over the lack of color and pattern used in organic baby clothes.  But times have changed.  The all-natural coloring processes have offered a myriad of fabric options.  Organic clothes are now offered in vibrant colors and are just as beautiful as non-organic cloth.  Even specialty items like Christening gowns can be found in organic fabrics.  And these fabrics have been refined.  They are high quality, soft to the touch, and often offer additional advantages like being resistant to mold, mildew, and wear and tear.  Next time you are looking for that different but meaningful gift, choose organic.

So what is organic clothing and why is it better than the more traditional clothing? Organic clothing is produced from crops such as cotton that has been grown without the inclusion of pesticides and other chemicals. Crops such as cotton are quite heavily dependent on pesticides to keep the insect population at bay, but there are other ways in which the insects can be combated and the result is a healthier environment.

Another way in which clothing can be produced via organic methods is in the way the soil in enriched. Artificial fertilizers are usually used by farmers but they are not particularly good for the soil if used too often. The alternative is a natural manure that has been added to the soil resulting in a more healthy soil at the end.

Using natural products that have been grown and used to create products organically provides an option that is less likely to irritate the skin of those children who are susceptible to irritations and rashes.

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