Cupcake Boxes For Special Occasions

Making cupcakes for special occasions has become an increasingly common practice as individual iced delights can be handed out to guests to enjoy without the process of cutting and dividing a larger cake is more desirable. The addition of individual cupcakes has also prompted the requirement of a more decorative way of storing and presenting them and this is where themed cupcake boxes have become more prevalent.

These cupcake boxes, or favor boxes as they are also commonly known, can help to give your desserts a special appearance and help to add to the sense of the occasion. There are appropriate display boxes that can be used for events such as weddings, anniversaries and, of course birthdays. Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are also perfectly suited to the use of these types of cupcake boxes.

Christmas Cupcake Boxes

Christmas cupcakes can be handed out as a special treat to everyone sitting around the Christmas dinner table but if they were packaged up in a seasonal box they will look even more impressive. Choose from the range of Christmas cupcake boxes that have been displayed below.

Creative Converting 84802 Christmas Cupcake Box with See-Though Window Creative Converting 84802 Christmas Cupcake Box with See-Though Window
List Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.59
You save: $1.40 (23%)
  Eligible for free shipping!

Halloween Cupcake Boxes

Halloween is another of those celebrations that is perfectly suited to decorating to a theme and the provision of cupcakes in an appropriate looking box will add to the fun. There is any number of great Halloween cupcake recipe to try.

Happy Haunter Halloween Cupcake Boxes By Wilton Happy Haunter Halloween Cupcake Boxes By Wilton
Sale Price: $3.95
  Eligible for free shipping!
B007BDBW0Q is not a valid value for ItemId. Please change this value and retry your request.
Wilton 415-0454 Halloween Spider 4-Cavity Cupcake Box with Insert, 3 Count Wilton 415-0454 Halloween Spider 4-Cavity Cupcake Box with Insert, 3 Count
List Price: $5.29
Sale Price: $5.17
You save: $0.12 (2%)
  Eligible for free shipping!

Wedding Cupcake Boxes

Providing wedding cupcakes for all of your guests is a wonderful idea and something that will help your celebration stand out from the rest. To mark the occasion you are going to require wedding cupcake boxes that can be matched in with the rest of the decorations. There really are some very attractive wedding cupcake boxes available to choose from.

1 X 12 Two Hearts Cupcake Boxes 1 X 12 Two Hearts Cupcake Boxes
List Price: $6.17
Sale Price: $2.45
You save: $3.72 (60%)
  Eligible for free shipping!
Meri Meri to Have and to Hold Small Cupcake Box, 4-Pack Meri Meri to Have and to Hold Small Cupcake Box, 4-Pack
List Price: $7.94
Sale Price: $4.99
You save: $2.95 (37%)
  Eligible for free shipping!

Birthday Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes for birthday parties are part of the fun of growing up and are loved by children and adults alike. There is no need to keep all of the cupcakes that were made for the party, particularly when there is a simple way of ensuring that each of your guests has a simple way of taking one with them when they go home. Birthday cupcake boxes are made to be suited for children’s birthday parties as well as adults. They are a simple but handy solution for allowing the cupcakes to be taken home without destroying them on the journey.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Boxes (12 Pack) 4 1/2". Cardboard. Happy Birthday Cupcake Boxes (12 Pack) 4 1/2". Cardboard.
Sale Price: $12.99
  Eligible for free shipping!

Baby Show Cupcake Boxes

Are you celebrating the impending birth of a baby and want to get into the spirit of the occasion by handing out perfect little cupcakes. It's possible to dress them up with the use of baby shower cupcake boxes. Pink for a girl or blue for a boy is the traditional way to go, but that doesn't mean you've got to conform.

There are many other types of cupcake boxes that are available in all types of styles and colors to suit any occasion or diplay needs. You can find an even larger selection of cupcake boxes for sale by visiting our maing cupcake boxes page.

Cupcake Boxes With Inserts

No matter whether a cupcake box is plain or decorated there is an important aspect about it that should be considered a must – the insert. These types of boxes are available to store either an individual cupcake or for multiple cupcakes.

A cupcake box insert is a section that is placed in the bottom of the box with a cut-out circle that will ensure the cupcake is held securely in place. Without the insert you risk the cupcake sliding or rolling around whilst it is in transit and potentially smearing or completely ruining the icing on top.

The majority of cupcake boxes, or favor boxes as they are often called, are designed with an insert already built inside making them the ideal storage containers for your little treats.

It is possible to buy these cupcake boxes in packs of 10, 12 or more and they can be used as visually pleasing display boxes or convenient storage containers for transporting your cakes from place to place.

Browse through the cupcake boxes with inserts for sale below to find a style that will best suit your needs or the occasion for which you require one. We have attempted to provide some of the best cupcake boxes with inserts to offer for sale with a choice of either single presentation boxes or larger multiple cake boxes to choose from.

Cupcake Boxes With Inserts For Sale 

Darice 1404-281, Cupcake Box with Window, 12-Pieces per package, 3-1/2-Inch-by-3-1/2-Inch-by-3-1/2-Inch Darice 1404-281, Cupcake Box with Window, 12-Pieces per package, 3-1/2-Inch-by-3-1/2-Inch-by-3-1/2-Inch
List Price: $6.65
Sale Price: $3.51
You save: $3.14 (47%)
  Eligible for free shipping!
Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear
Sale Price: $7.78
  Eligible for free shipping!
20 Clear Cupcake Containers [ Momoka's Apron ] 20 Clear Cupcake Containers [ Momoka's Apron ]
Sale Price: $12.98
  Eligible for free shipping!
25 boxes of Window Cupcake Box with 12 Cupcake Holder($2.3 Per Set/Per Box) 25 boxes of Window Cupcake Box with 12 Cupcake Holder($2.3 Per Set/Per Box)
Sale Price: $57.50
  Eligible for free shipping!
Creative Converting Cupcake Box, Red Gingham Creative Converting Cupcake Box, Red Gingham
Sale Price: $3.59
  Eligible for free shipping!

Assembly of some types of cupcake boxes can sometimes be difficult so be aware that it is necessary to go through the process with some of them. This is most commonly the case with the plastic cupcake boxes and there are often reports that not only are they difficult to assemble but, when they are completed, they don’t always provide a satisfactory closure.

They might cost a little more, but the cardboard cupcake boxes are often more sturdy and are much simpler to construct. They can be found with clear lids so the contents can be seen and displayed if desired.

There are plenty of different choices when it comes to finding a suitable type of cupcake box and you can read more information about the different types, as well find details about how to buy them, on our main Cupcake Boxes page.

Orbit Water Sprinkler Timer Systems

There is an extensive range of water sprinkler timers available from Orbit Irrigation Products. This is a company that specializes in irrigation products and the control of when the sprinklers are operated can be controlled either by simple or quite complex means. The Orbit products cover all watering requirements and cater to the backyard watering system as well as the far more extensive systems that might be used on large estates.

The simplest of the Orbit products is the Orbit 1 Dial Hose Faucet Timer. It is a very simple piece of equipment that fits directly onto the faucet and features a dial that explains each function in clear terms. Setting the timer is a simple process of setting the watering time, how often you need it to operate and for how long and you are done. It also comes with a manual button that will allow the system to be overridden without affecting the automatic settings. For less than $35, it’s very good value for money.

A little more advanced is the Orbit 2-Dial Digital Timer. The first dial is a Start Interval Dial that allows you to set up to ten interval options that will control when the watering is performed over the period of a week. The Duration Dial can then be used to set how long each of those watering periods will last. This is a very good set-and-forget system that can be operated directly at the faucet. It can be bought for less than $30.

Moving the settings to a central location is a simple matter with the range of Orbit Outdoor Swing Panel Timers. They are available in a range of multiple station versions including 4-station, 6-station, 9-station or 12-station Timers. These outdoor units come in weatherproof containers and are easy to install in either an indoor or outdoor setting. If you are after a unit that can control multiple parts of the yard with watering options over a number of days the Orbit systems keep coming up as particularly reliable units that are very easy to use. The smaller 4-Station Timer System is less than $50 while the larger 12-Station System can be bought for around $80.

A couple of things that stands out whenever reading any of the customer reviews for the Orbit Water Timers listed above as well as others in the extensive range is firstly the ease with which they can be installed and, secondly, their reliability. The Orbit Water Timers definitely look as though they provide an outstanding option for setting up a home watering system that can be relied upon.

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 For Sale

The Snap Circuits kits (by Elenco Electronics) have proven to be a hit with both children and parents for some time now winning a number of awards and featuring in Best Children’s Products and Best Educational Products lists.

The introductory sets provided children with a range of electronics projects that helped get them interested in the world of electronics, the Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 should hook them forever.

Featuring the same solid components and basic idea of being able to snap the pieces onto a grid that is provided with the smaller kits, the SC-750 kit supplies more parts, 80 of them in fact, and gives you more than 750 projects to construct.

It's educational

It's fun

It works

This is a terrific introduction to the world of electronics as electronic circuits can be created that will enable all sorts of devices and everyday gadgets. Things such as an adjustable light controller, AM radio and lie detector can be built, giving children a tremendous insight into the way in which these devices work.

Not only will the Snap Circuits kit give children who have a basic interest and understanding in electronics the perfect set up to expand their knowledge, but it also provides an opportunity to read and follow instructions with the results plainly obvious at the end. In fact, the projects are so interesting that parents are going to enjoy helping their kids create the majority of these projects.

Buying information about the Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

This product is recommended for children between the ages of 8 – 16.

Warning: Choking hazard – Small parts. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

Reasons to Buy the Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Kit

  • More than 750 projects to build
  • Clear diagrams explaining every step
  • The construction phase of each project still provide a challenge
  • The projects actually work!
  • Sturdy components that are easy to identify
  • Computer connection is provided
  • The price is very reasonable for the hours of use it provides

Included in the Kit

80 parts
Detailed color instruction manuals
The components that comprise the SC-500 kit, plus
Power amplifier
Variable capacitor
Analog meter
Solar cell
Computer interface

Added Requirements
4 x AA batteries

The Snap Circuits electronics kits by Elenco Electronics have proven to be a big hit with children of all ages and there is no reason why this should change anytime soon. Kids are curious by nature and the projects that are provided as part of this extensive kit allows them to see exactly how many different electronic devices work.

The smaller Snap Circuits SC-300 Kit is also available.

Snap Circuits SC-300 For Sale

One of the most popular toys for children for the last 12 months has been the Snap Circuits kits. Ever since the concept was first presented to children by Elenco Electronics they have been in high demand and with larger and more creative kits being produced that demand and interest continues to rise.

The chance for curious youngsters with an interest in science to get their hands on an electronics set that allows them to create things that actually work has been presented to children everywhere thanks to Snap Circuits. These kits offer children from the ages of 8 years and up a bundle of projects that are fun to build with easy to follow instructions and educate along the way. The components snap into place on the large grid and each part is clearly labeled with easy to understand symbols making it a very easy process of building each project.

The Snap Circuits SC-300 kit is a particularly extensive electronics kit that provides over 300 different projects to be completed.

The kit consists of 60 pieces such as snap wires, a slide switch, a resistor, a microphone and capacitors. They snap together onto the grid that is provided with the kit which precludes the need for soldering.

Learning While Playing

The SC-300 kit follows on from where the smaller SC-100 and 204 kits left off. All of the projects that could be completed in these smaller kits are included in this one. Each of the projects give curious kids the chance to expand their knowledge of electronics as well as give them a reason to want to find out more.

Although the all of the Snap Circuits kits come with a long list of projects that may be attempted, the knowledge that will be built up through completing them should give children the confidence to begin to experiment with the components. This is where the real creativity begins and the educational side is even more pronounced.

Not only will the Snap Circuits kit give children who have a basic interest and understanding in electronics the perfect set up to expand their knowledge, but it also provides an opportunity to read and follow instructions with the results plainly obvious at the end.

Buying information about the Snap Circuits SC-300

Warning: Choking hazard – Small parts. Not recommended for children under 3 years. 


Reasons To Buy the Snap Circuits SC-300 Kit

Easy to read full color instruction manual

Solidly constructed components that have been clearly labeled with symbols

More than 300 projects to build

A full range of electronics to discover

An incredibly affordable price

Projects Include:

AM Radio
Burglar Alarm
Radio Announcer
Photosensitive Electronic Organ
A Touch Lamp

Added Requirements

4 AA batteries

The mysteries behind how some of the everyday electronic devices that rely on things such as time delays and motion sensors will become clearer through reading about and building these projects.

Dyson Pet Clean Up Accessory Kit

Whether you own a pet or simply need a great accessory set that will help clean the smaller, tighter spots in the house, the Dyson Pet Clean-Up Accessory Kit will prove to be incredibly useful for keeping the home looking tidy. The small attachments that come with the kit will enable you to get into tight corners and the bristles on the brush attachment will allow you to work the carpet cleaning powder deeply into the carpet.

It is a product that has been released by Dyson so it is designed to be used with the outstanding Dyson upright or cannister vacuums, both of which are outstanding cleaning products in their own right.

This product has been released by Dyson with a recommended retail price of $99.00 but it is possible to buy it online from stores such as Amazon for less than half that. At the moment, and who knows how long it is going to last, Amazon are offering this kit with free shipping as well, making it substantially cheaper than anywhere else I have seen online. Anyone looking for a great deal or a bargain should snap this one up.

Take a look on Amazon for more details about the kit and read some of the customer reviews.

AWS Access Key ID: AKIAI5YNV7QIVLUCM3FA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.

Product Details

1 x 26.5oz Zorb carpet cleaner
1 x 8.5fl oz Dyzolv spot cleaner
A Zorb Groomer tool
A Mattress tool
A Flexi crevice tool

The persistent presence of animal hair is one of the few downsides to owning a family pet, particularly if you, members of your family or friends suffer from allergies. In the normal course of events it seems that no matter how diligent you are with the cleaning and vacuuming there is always a spot or two that manages to capture the small hair and fur fibres.

Dyson has brought out a cleaning kit that contains attachments and cleaning agents that will provide you with everything you need to get into all sorts of small cracks and crevices. It is a handy cleaning kit that has been designed to pick up smaller dust and fibres that become firmly attached to cushions, bedspreads, mattresses and sofas.

The flexi crevice tool will allow you to extend the cleaning wand further into the hard to reach places such as down under the lounge chair cushions.

The accompanying attachments will quickly attach to the hose or wand of your upright and canister Dyson vacuum cleaner making it simple to set up and use.

I Am A Cricket Coach

Last night I became a cricket coach. Actually, to be a little more specific, last night I was officially recognized as a cricket coach by finally enrolling in a NSW Cricket Association Level 1 Coaching Course and completing it. I’ve actually been a cricket coach for a couple of years but now I’ve got a piece of paper that proves it.

The coaching course was a very interesting experience with a couple of knowledgeable guys taking it. They have obviously been doing the job for years and have been coaching at representative elvel for a long time and had a wealth of experience behind them. The course was worth the experience simply for the different drills and training tips that they were able to show us. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and the tips and drills are going to be put into practice tomorrow night at training.

So what does it mean? It means that I can put my name forward as a coach for the local junior cricket club where my son plays and hold up my coaching qualification as proof that I can do the job. It also means that, hopefully, in a year’s time I will be able to apply to do the Level 2 Coaching Course to become an even more qualified coach and perhaps take a representative team.

For the next 12 months I would merely like to continue on with the assistant coaching that I am doing and learn as much about developing the skills and techniques of young aspiring cricketers. I feel that I have already started my own son down the right path and like the idea of taking other youngsters from a point where they are raw hopefuls and helping them make the most of their talents.

That’s all in the future for now.

A Second Summer Storm…And It’s Still Spring

Sydney was hit by another heavy storm last night. The second in two nights and this one was a doozy. This reminds me of summer days past when it would be stinking hot during the day and then, like clockwork, the black clouds would come roiling up from the south west and crash down on the city.

Last night the light show was simply amazing with continuous flashes of light punctuated by heavy booms of thunder. I was on the train heading home when the rain actually started and had to make the dash to the car in the first few moments. I thought I was a little unfortunate to have been caught in the rain, that is, until it REALLY started coming down. We’re talking sheets and sheets of rain that cut visibility to around 20 metres.

The drive home was an exercise in caution. For one thing, the temperature was still pretty warm and thanks to my clothes being damp from the dash to the car the windows of the car went phwoom with fog. So the demisters were going double time, the windscreen wipers were on full pelt and I was crawling along at around 20km/h to ensure there were no unexpected obstacles on the road.

Speaking of unexpected obstacles, as I was driving to my coaches course later in the evening I went past the local park and saw that power lines were down in the car park. This was a bit of an indication of how hairy it actually got during the storm. It could have been even worse because this particular park was usually populated by heaps of OzTag footballers – my daughter being one of them. Obviously the place was vacated at the start of the storm and before any lines came down.

The Quest For A Seriously Good Compound Bow

The many makers of compound bows, particularly the larger companies, have attempted to cater for every type of shooter from the target archer to the beginner hunter. While this means that the broader range of shooters are catered for, the more specialty types of bows may not get made. This is where smaller bow manufacturers may have the edge. Quest Bowhunting is a small bow manufacturer (although part of a larger archery company) and is aiming at providing the hunter with the perfect hunting bow.

The flagship bow in the range of Quest bows is known as the Quest Primal and it is a small framed speed bow that blows arrows out at over 300 feet per second. Although it is incredibly powerful it is still a very smooth bow to draw and creates only minor vibration on release. It is a bow that is turning heads among many in the hunting community.

Accuracy is also a very important factor for the hunter and the Quest Hammer has been designed to meet the needs of those who require a forgiving bow. The brace height of the Hammer is slightly larger to give the less experienced shooter a bit of an edge. Although some speed is lost because of the size of the brace height it still packs a powerful punch.

A light weight bow and a lot of power is another aspect that many people appreciate in a hunting bow and the Quest Smoke provides both of those qualities. It is also provided at a price that is somewhat less than what you might expect to pay when you buy other bows.

This is a company that is producing some seriously good compound bows for the hunter and it is beginning to be recognised for it. Look out for more great bows in the near future.

Thermaphore Arthritis Heating Pad

Featured on this page is the Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad. The details about how you can buy one are as follows.

AWS Access Key ID: AKIAI5YNV7QIVLUCM3FA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.

The use of heat to get deeply into the painful muscles and joints is a vital part of the process of keeping the body feeling good, particularly for those suffering debilitating arthritis or similar conditions. The Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad is exactly the kind of product that should be considered to use as treatment.

Unlike some of the heating pads that are available in department stores or for prices that are significantly cheaper, the Thermophore gives you a number of features that will ensure you get the best heat treatment possible.

The large heating pad measuring 14” x 27” is weighted down with a series of flat metal weights to ensure the heating pad is molded to the body along the entire surface area that is covered. These heating pads have been designed to be particularly useful for someone with back pain. The size of the pad means it will provide relief over a large area of the body.

This heating pad has a few key features that are worth examining. It may be used in a cycle of twenty minute bursts where the heating pad is applied for twenty minutes before being removed for twenty minutes. This process may be repeated as required. The heating pad comes with an auto-timer that is very simple to turn on and set. This is a moist heat pad and the moist heat that is produced is intense and the moist heat is ideal for getting deeply into the trouble spots where it is required.

Using these types of heating pads are fine for the first few months but, with continuous use you will begin to notice that the fabric starts to become discolored. This is inevitable as the heating pad continually comes in contact with your skin and the oils and sweat from your back starts to soak into the fabric. This particular heating pad is quite easy to clean and does not require any special equipment or cleaning aids.

What might strike you when you begin looking at the Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad is that it could be considered costly at over $50.00. This shouldn’t serve as a reason to shy away from the product because the components that are used are sturdy and reliable and the features of the unit will mean that it is still likely to be working 10 years down the road. It is definitely worthwhile considering a Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad for sale.

As well as the standard sized heating pad which is 14” x 27”, the Thermophore Heating Pad is also available in a small size of 4” x 17” and a medium size of 14” x 14”.

This particular infrared heating pad was also discussed as one of the five top ranked heating pads sold on Amazon. To find out a little bit more about this and the others that were ranked take a look at the post Infrared Heat Pads are the Best Choice for Pain Relief.

Versatility of Cupcake Boxes

The humble little cupcake has been standard fare at parties from kids birthdays all the way up to wedding receptions and golden wedding anniversaries. They are a fun treat that can also be made to look impressive with just a small bit of decoration and imagination.

Cupcakes are such a fashionable treat right now. They are small enough for one to enjoy, or can even be shared by two. They work great as gifts not only because everyone loves to eat them, but also because they are so cute! With decorations and embellishments, cupcakes can be real works of art. Sometimes the only difficulty is how to safely package and carry them so they do not incur any damage, and that is where cupcake boxes wholesale come in handy.

Take a look at some of the stylish ways in which you can protect and carry your cupcakes in either single packs or larger multiple packs.

From the plain white boxes that have been built with a window to display the cupcakes within (as can be seen from the example displayed to the right) to more fancy decorative cupcake boxes that have been made with brightly festive colors there are cupcake boxes to suit many different types of occasions. The most useful types of boxes are cupcake boxes with inserts to ensure the cakes are held in place to reduce the risk of destroying the delicately iced tops. We have a separate page devoted to cupcake boxes with inserts.

The cupcake boxes displayed for sale above are only a small selection of the many different low-priced solutions that are available at You can also see a more complete list by following the link supplied directly below.

Cupcake boxes

Individual cupcake boxes are the best way to give and take cupcakes as their size is made specifically to fit the little cakes. They usually come in mini, regular and jumbo sizes, and by using the appropriate size, the cakes will not slide around and be damaged when carried. Small cupcake boxes enable you to give cup cakes as gifts to others, for any occasion including to teachers or co-workers for birthdays or special events.  You can also give them as favors at parties or even weddings.
If they are given as favors, so many single cup cake boxes are available to match any theme or color scheme. With the wedding cupcake boxes, the colors of the box can be coordinated to match the colors of the wedding, even monogrammed with the newly wed couple’s initial. Any guest would be happy to take a cupcake home in a fancy box!

Clear Cupcake Boxes

Sometimes your cupcakes might look so delicious that you will want to show them off while they are still packaged. This is where clear cupcake boxes are the perfect way to store and transport them. These individual cupcake boxes are an ideal way of showcasing each cupcake for display while ensuring they are hygienically sealed. The more delicate cupcakes will also be protected from getting squashed or otherwise damaged.

The boxes are designed in such a way that they can be stacked on top of one another allowing the cupcakes to be placed on a table or counter, in full view of everyone, so that they look utterly irresistible.

Displayed here are 5 of the best clear cupcake boxes for sale in a variety of styles and sizes.

Package of 24 Clear Single Cupcake Boxes Package of 24 Clear Single Cupcake Boxes
Sale Price: $13.95


Package of 24 Clear acetate cupcake boxes; perfect for wedding and bridal shower favors, baby showers, birthday parties, or any other special occasion.

Ling's moment 3x3x3 Inch Clear Gift Boxes Cupcake Boxes Pack of 50 for Wedding Party Baby Shower Favors Ling's moment 3x3x3 Inch Clear Gift Boxes Cupcake Boxes Pack of 50 for Wedding Party Baby Shower Favors
List Price: $31.99
Sale Price: $21.65
You save: $10.34 (32%)


These Clear/transparent square boxes are produced from PET plastic which can extend shelf life. Perfect for packing cupcakes or other bakery items for guests to take home from weddings and other special occasions.

Wilton 415-0390 Silver-Clear Cupcake Box Kit, 20 Count Wilton 415-0390 Silver-Clear Cupcake Box Kit, 20 Count
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $17.23
You save: $7.76 (31%)


Create the perfect presentation for your favorite treats Colored bottom tray holds one standard cupcake or stack of cookies and transparent box allows you to show off your treats. Includes coordinating ribbons and print-your-own stickers to add the final touches to your display...

20 Clear Cupcake Containers [ Momoka's Apron ] 20 Clear Cupcake Containers [ Momoka's Apron ]
Sale Price: $12.98
Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear
Sale Price: $7.78


Showcase your decorated cupcakes while keeping them fresh in these clear cupcake boxes by Victoria Lynn. They measure 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches in size. There are 12 pieces per package.

Cupcake Boxes for Special Occasions

Cupcakes are increasingly being made to help celebrate special occasions. To help in adding to the festive nature of the event it may be desirable to place the cupcakes into suitably specialized cupcake boxes. Anniversaries, weddings, engagement parties and, of course, birthdays can all be marked by a specially chosen cupcake box.

The cupcake boxes displayed below are a perfect example of the way in which a wedding can be made even more of a special occasion through the use of this type of packaging.

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories, Cupcake Favor Boxes with Heart Shape Windows, 3-Inches Square, Pack of 24 by Sourced Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories, Cupcake Favor Boxes with Heart Shape Windows, 3-Inches Square, Pack of 24 by Sourced
Sale Price: $60.07


24 decorated favor boxes to share a treat with your guests (ribbons not included);Each box is 3-inches square;White boxes have heart-shaped acetate windows;Cupcakes make a welcome favor for any event - your guests will love them;Hortense B...

Because of the elaborate decorations on cupcakes, often clear cupcake boxes are a good choice. These usually have a clear window on the top so the cupcake can be seen   when the box is closed. The boxes still come in a variety of colors and patterns, the cupcake can add to the visual appeal. We have provided a more complete summary of the various cupcake boxes for special occasions that you might require.

Cupcake boxes make a beautiful presentation for cup cakes as gifts or favors. They make it easy for the cupcake to be carried and transported with no risk of damage.

Find hundreds of cupcake boxes for sale here.

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